5 Tips for Businesses To Deal With Contractors

By  //  October 22, 2020

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In today’s time, it has become difficult to trust someone, especially the contractors. They sometimes appear legit but then when you get to know about the fraud, it’s too late.

Not all contractors are dishonest, but one dirty fish spoils the whole pond. Thus, it should be kept in mind that business is not a place where you can trust everyone. A fraudster can badly impact your business.

In such a situation, closing down a company might be the only way out. Therefore, all participants in business relations should always be on the alert!

Hesitate to Sign Contract

In the realm of business, there are unspoken norms of doing business among clients and partners. But, alas, not everyone knows about them and not everyone adheres to them.

Even if the contractor seemed intelligent and honest, this absolutely does not mean that he will do all the work as promised. Many scammers avoid signing a contract; this definitely raises a red flag. Therefore, secure your money by having a written agreement.

The contract must describe all the risks and conditions of work, be sure to pay attention to the specified deadlines. Any changes related to your cooperation must be agreed upon in writing. If the contractor deceives you, then you will be able to defend your interests in court and make claims to the quality of the services performed.

Offers Low Price

Are you surprised that one of the potential contractors offers to do the job several times cheaper than the others?

There are two options here: either he is a novice contractor and really does not know how to do anything (except how to promise), or in the process of work, he will ask you to increase the budget (and the most interesting thing is that you will do it!).

The tricks of the scammers offering to do the work for almost nothing do not end there. Such scammers drag out deadlines, perform poorly, or disappear altogether with your money. Therefore, do not save money, but immediately contact the professionals. Experts know how much their work costs and do not offer their services for a penny.

Asks for Advance Payment

A scammer always asks for the advance payment. This does not imply that anyone who asks for advance payment is a scammer. You need to be aware of the fact that there are still many honest contractors out there and you just need to identify them. Therefore, whatever you do, never send too much advance!

Scammers take advantage of every situation, as in the furlough scheme where many contractors, businesses, and employees misused the opportunity.  Hence, HMRC furlough investigations are being conducted to identify all the scammers and recover money from them.

Hands Over the Project to Someone Else

Quite often, people practice this scheme: the customer agrees to work with a professional, but in reality an intern or a beginner is taken on the project.

As a result, the client is not always satisfied with the work performed, especially when it is not the first time he orders a service from this person. In such a situation, the customer does not understand what is happening and often turns a blind eye to the result, hoping that the next time will be better.

Do not give indulgences to the contractor! You pay for the project and should receive quality work. Scammer tricks like these can hurt your business, so always ask who exactly will be doing your project.

Collaboration with Your Competitors

Has your contractor collaborated with large corporations, and even your main competitors?

But are you sure this is all true? Do not be lazy and ask other customers if he really collaborated with them. Most often, such tricks of unscrupulous scammers can be recognized only by asking for help from business colleagues. Also, The Division of Consumer & business education provides material for the business owners that can help them identify the scammers and save businesses.


A person who assures you that all the work will be done perfectly and that no problems will arise one hundred percent may turn out to be a deceiver. Any specialist knows that there is always a risk that, for one reason or another, the project will be completed with errors.

Remember that the tricks of unscrupulous contractors are often based on the most tempting offers! If you do come across a scammer, then do not despair, but try to get out of this situation as a winner.