Buying Guide on Water Descalars

By  //  October 11, 2020

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Water Descalers are used to decrease the effects of hard water. 

Are you thinking of getting a water descaler?  Then, you’re at the right place undoubtedly. Here we have gathered all the important points that you should consider before buying the best water descalers for your home or office, that best suits you and your requirements as well.

So, let’s begin without any further ado!

When to buy a water descaler?

There are some very crucial points to consider before buying a water descaler for your home or office or any other place. Not every house or every place needs a descaler! As they might be having good quality water already, without any descaler thing with them. So, here we have kept ready for you some points below that you should look at before deciding to buy a water descaler. Here you go!

The first and foremost thing to see if you have hard water running through your pipes. Because if you already have good quality water coming to your place, then there’s no need to buy a water descaler unnecessarily.

See if you have contaminated water at your place. And you should know that hard water and contaminated water are a little different in the sense that hard water majorly means only calcium and magnesium minerals suspended in it.

In contrast, contaminated water means water containing any unwanted chemical that is harmful to your body. So it’s important to check that.

If any of the above two points are true for you, then see how much-descaled water you need daily because it’s hard to decide one among many models out there. So be sure about your needs before you buy it.

See the expense of installation. Budget is an another very important aspect that you should look at.

You should be willing to maintain it as descalers need prior maintenance!

How do water descalers work? Or what’s their basic functionality?

Water Descaler systems create an electrical charge in the regular water that helps to contain the water so that no minerals remain on bathtub surfaces, bathroom/other sinks, shower walls or any other water-using day-to-day items. This is how a basic water descaler works(though there are many other water descaler working technologies like magnetization,etc.).

But before deciding the one to buy, you may not be knowing the difference between water “descalers” and water “softeners.”

And we are here to tell you about some basic differences between them. So the basic difference between a water descaler and a water softener is that; water softeners change the very chemical composition of water that you use, whereas water descalers only create an electric field to charge the water that in turn decreases the suspended minerals’ effect on it.

Descalers don’t eliminate the undesired minerals; rather, they can eliminate it’s effect to a great extent due to the created electric field of it. Water descalers do not add salt in the water (unlike water softeners that add salt in water).

That is the most crucial aspect of water descalers. So you can say descalers are actually “salt-free softeners” that descale the water. Also, water descalers are cheaper and easier to set-up or install than water softeners.

Some studies show that when mineral particles that are suspended in water are electrically charged, they transform their form/structure into circular from cubic, which checks the minerals from making scale deposits (the main problem of water).


There are many technologies offering water purification. Water descaler is just one of them. We have stated all the things above that you should consider before and after buying it. There are different models available in the market for descalers. Now you can purchase any of them that best suits you. We hope we could guide you in some way.