Can You Sue for Experiencing Provigil Side Effects?

By  //  October 5, 2020

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If you have taken Provigil in the past and have experienced adverse side effects, the most serious side effect is Stevens-Johnson syndrome; you may wonder if you can sue for damages and compensation as a result of the necessary treatments required for this conditions.

If you or someone you know has been affected by Provigil, keep reading to learn more about your options and what you can do if you move forward with legal action due to taking Provigil.

What is Provigil?

Provigil is a medication that was developed with the intention of treating sleep disorders such as narcolepsy and sleep apnea. One of the largest pharmaceutical companies on the market, Cephalon, manufactured this medication beginning in 1998. This medication works by activating the central nervous system and is classified as a CNS stimulant.

Eventually, this medication’s potential benefits were noticed by those who were working in environments where heightened awareness was crucial. Some professionals who sought to harness these benefits included drivers, athletes, and military members. Little did these individuals realize that there was the likelihood of developing some serious health issues as a result of taking this medication.

Potential Provigil Side Effects

Unfortunately, over the years, people who were relying on Provigil for treatment of certain conditions or to help them stay alert began to experience a range of side effects.

Some of the most serious included:

• Depression

• Hallucinations

• Thoughts of suicide

• Skin conditions/rashes

The depressive episodes and potential of suicidal thoughts were indeed disturbing; however, what became truly unsettling was the nature of the skin conditions or rash that could occur due to taking Provigil. Those individuals who have taken Provigil in the past can develop a condition known as Stevens-Johnson Syndrome or SJS.

This skin condition appears like a rash and, over time, can lead to the patient’s skin begin to die and peel off. This shedding of the skin can leave a person susceptible to infections that may prove fatal depending on the circumstances involved with their progression and overall health.

This condition starts much like the flu but then develops to exhibit the hallmark rash, and progression of the conditions will continue to occur without the proper diagnosis and correct course of treatment.

The process of recovering from SJS is long and potentially painful. The main concern is controlling infections and reducing any pain associated with the skin peeling away. Treatment in the hospital can take weeks or even months in some cases.

Considerations and Options

One of the prime considerations when deciding whether to sue if you have suffered from Provigil’s side effects is your medical bills. In many cases, people treated and recovering in the hospital have accumulated massive hospital bills, even if they have insurance coverage.

Many times the cost of treatment can exceed the patient’s coverage and allowances. This situation can mean out of pocket expenses that most can’t afford to pay. There are also other considerations to think about, including missed work and defaulting on bills as a result.

Suppose you have been put in a financially diffuse situation as a result of the side effects and treatments associated with taking Provigil. In that case, you should consider legal action to recoup your expenses and help you meet your current and future financial obligations.

If you would like to learn more about how you can get started, you can speak with an attorney today and get the guidance and information you need to make a decision that can benefit you now and in the future.

They will be able to gather information about your particular case and weigh the pros and cons of seeking legal compensation from companies responsible for manufacturing and distributing this drug. Whatever you decide, having sage legal counsel is always a great option.