Casinos in Florida Adjusting Well Following Reopening

By  //  October 25, 2020

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Image Credit: Orlando Weekly

Casinos in the Sunshine State are endeavoring to return to normalcy following the much-awaited reopening. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many land-based casinos within this jurisdiction closed their doors to players. Those that remained open could only admit a limited number of people at the same time.

For months, gaming withing brick-and-mortar casinos came to a standstill, forcing many players to turn into online casinos for casino gaming amusement. The reopening of these casinos has taken care, time and many adjustments to ensure they meet the COVID-19 guidelines, such as social distancing and hand washing.

Map of Florida Casinos

Would you like to visit a casino in the Sunshine State but not where to find the best establishment? This detailed Florida casino map by provides a clear overview of the best gaming sites to visit. You could also learn about the legality of gambling in Florida and the games you can play.

Masked Towards Preventing COVID-19

Top casinos in Florida are now set to bring life back into the world of gaming. With several new restrictions in place to ensure the diseases don’t spread further, Florida’s gaming industry is slowly starting to boom with activities. Let’s take a look at how casinos in Florida are readjusting after reopening to ensure they remain open to their customers.

Since the casinos reopened, there has been a lot of work in progress to make the facilities safe for both workers and customers. Visitors to these facilities are expected to observe strict rules or risk not being allowed entry. Partly, casinos are doing this to lower risks of spreading the virus within their facilities

This is a mandate that they are also supposed to observe as stipulated by the national government and gaming authorities in Florida. In case a facility is found not to honor the rules and regulations put in place, it risks being closed. Luckily, most of them have put measures in place to ensure all these are followed, and surprisingly, they are really doing well.

Safe and Sound?

Florida casinos such as the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tampa reopened their doors to their clients with a program called Safe and Sound. Among other things, this program requires all guests and staff to wear masks at all the time and subjects every one entering a mandatory temperature check.

All casinos are expected to operate at a capacity of 50% at any given particular time. Here is what the program dictates:

Compulsory temperature checks for visitors and guests before entering a casino

1. All visitors and guests should wear masks

2. Many slot machines will not be available for the sake of increasing social distancing. This is because slots happen to be the most played games and if all of them are available, limiting overcrowding might be a challenge

3. Casinos should install plexiglass barriers to divide gamers at gaming tables as well as in customer support areas

During temperature checks, visitors or team members with a high temperature are not allowed in. Repetitive checks are done and if the results are the same, casinos are recommending those affected to seek further medical attention. They are doing this as a preventive measure to ensure no one with signs of COVID-19 is allowed entry.

Reduced Gaming Options

Florida casinos focus on delivering thrilling gaming experience all the time. While they have managed to achieve this before, they are currently facing a challenge due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

For instance, some of them are not offering sports betting, poker, bingo and keno. This is partly due to overcrowding concerns and also because most of them will not have all their staff working as was the case before.

If you are fan of such games, you may feel left out, but the good thing is that there are other exciting games on the catalog that you can try out. In addition to this, when playing table games like Blackjack, you will not be allowed to touch the cards.

Decks will be changed often, especially when a different dealer takes over. Such measures are being observed in casinos to ensure that while they can’t offer all services like before, the few they offer ae perfect.

Booming with Activities

The gaming sector is one of the most thriving industries in Florida. The sector attracts millions of people every year as many seek to enjoy the thrill associated with playing casino games.  Amid the pandemic, the case is no different.

Casinos that opened their doors to the public are already registering a high number of visitors, with some being forced to lock out some people once they attain the $50 threshold. For others, they are limiting the number of hours that one can stay within their facilities.

The establishments are doing this to ensure more people can access gaming services while not compromising on things like social distancing. More so, while the number of games offered so far are few, players are happy that they can play some games after all. To them, limited options are better to not being able to enjoy any casino service as has been the case for months.

Observe the Rules, All the Time

If you are planning to visit any casino in Florida during this period of the pandemic, ensure you are aware of what is expected of you. A little negligence, such as lowering your mask can get you kicked out of a casino.

We are sure you wouldn’t want this to happen to you, so, at all times, observe the Safe and Sound program guidelines. Casinos are doing a lot to keep you and other visitors safe, so ensure you don’t make it hard for them. This way, they will be able to offer you superb gaming and customer services.

The new regulations will change the casino’s atmosphere you are used to as well as the strategy and dynamics of some games. Many have already managed to get things into action, so if you are wondering whether to visit a casino in Florida, you can comfortably do. You are assured your safety. Besides, what is better than being able to play games again in your favorite Florida casino?

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