Dealing with High Energy Bills: Tips on How to Save Electricity

By  //  October 16, 2020

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It has always been a daily reminder in our households to always save electricity. Ohio is one of the states that generate many different energy sources, and needless to say, most households are enjoying it.

However, the more we use our electricity, the more money we pay for it. If you want to save money, you might want to reconsider how you utilize your electrical energy.

The following are three things you can do to save electricity and lessen the cost of your electric bill.

Regulate the use of appliances.

There’s not a day that we don’t use appliances. We use them the moment we wake up. We use it for work, entertainment, and for our other needs. We might even use them while we sleep. However, there should be a limit on when we need to use appliances.

When not in need, you need to shut down appliances that are not in use. For example, you can shut downlights in a room you won’t be staying in. If it’s not that hot, you can shut down your air conditioner and do something else such as open the windows and use something energy saving instead like electric or paper fans.

Another example is your computer. Most people might leave it turned on the whole day, which is not quite a good practice. Turn it off until you need to use it.

Another thing you can do is to unplug some appliances you don’t frequently use. Some appliances, when left unused but plugged, may still eat up electricity. Take note of the appliances you use often and those you only need to use once.

For example, if you only use your electric toasters for breakfast, it’s best to have it unplugged when not in use and plug it when you need it again. However, for items like wifi routers, you can leave it plugged, especially when you do a lot of internet transactions, but at the end of the day, it needs to be unplugged. You can plug it in the morning.

However, there are appliances that you do not need to unplug, such as refrigerators and some HVAC systems.

Another option is that if you own smart appliances, make the most out of their features. Most have an energy-saving option you could use to limit the electrical energy it uses. They also have a feature where they can be turned on and off at a time you want. Set a specific time and place where they can automatically turn on and off.

Look for other alternative sources of energy.

Electrical energy is not the only energy source you can use at home. There are several other alternative energy sources you can use to minimize your electricity bills. However, some of these sources may be conditional, and it is good to assess your compatibility with it. Examples of these alternative energy sources are solar, wind, and natural gas.

Solar energy is one of the most popular choices for homes. It refers to the energy from the sun, which is converted to electrical energy. The device used to do this conversion is called a solar panel, a flat square or rectangular panel which absorbs the sun’s heat and then converts it to electricity.

Various appliances use solar power to operate, such as ovens and washers. Solar panels are accessible and prevalent in the country. While installation might be costly, using it, in the long run, will not hurt your wallet.

Wind energy is also an excellent alternative to electricity. While this is a sustainable source, this option is only for those who live in areas with consistently strong winds because it’s part of what makes wind energy work.

Wind energy makes use of wind turbines, a tall device with blades which converts the kinetic energy from the wind to electrical energy. Tall wind turbines work best in rural areas, but you can have one right on your property. You can purchase a small wind turbine, which generates energy ranging from 400w up to 20kwh.

Natural gas is a popular Ohio alternative energy and is even used in many homes as an energy source. It is a fuel source that mainly consists of methane and is naturally created in places like landfills and marshes.

Natural gas is one of the environmental energy sources as it helps with the reduction of greenhouse gases.  Examples of natural gases are gas furnaces, water heaters, and gas stoves.

Switch Electrical Energy Suppliers

If you think that your electric bill’s high cost could be from extra charges from your energy supplier, maybe you should switch. Look for a supplier in your location, like Ohio for example that can give you better deals with the current electric rates.

Ohio is one of the states where you can freely choose an energy supplier. Check out those that are well known for their excellent service and rates, and inquire about their offers to see their compatibility with your home.


Electricity is an essential part of a home. Without it, many of our day-to-day activities are significantly affected. While it benefits us in many ways, we should not take it for granted. It is important to save electricity for a more budget-friendly experience.