Defining Fashion: Following Your Own Style or the Herd?

By  //  October 13, 2020

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In Fashion, is it obligatory to follow the crowd vision? I am curious. This world is a place where importance is given to impressing other people even if it requires a compromise on the personal sense. You might well feel good and bad, but always trying to show your best side is what you’re after.

People wear patches or bandana to define their inner self while others just go for tees and dresses trying to blend in. None is wrong.

However, wanting to look good is not completely inaccurate and everybody should strive to be at their finest. But is it still a standard practice, when it comes to fashion, to do what others are doing?

Is it appropriate to imitate trends just to please others and Why Do People feel pressured to follow the Herd Mentality?

Since 83% of individuals care for the outfit they rock. 95% of the first opinions are produced by the taste in clothes. So obviously, yes, a strong sense of dress should be a must.

The challenge is all about who is wearing the most trendy dress, and he/she will become the favorite of the lot instantly.

With your plain white tee and jean jackets with boots, you might feel the best looking, but a price appreciation will be granted to the girl who wears the newest trend with a neon sundress and casual briefs. Yes, her outfit can look great, but you can’t even claim to wear it if you really don’t like bright.

But suppose what, even though you might not like neon or rough denim, 45 percent of you are still going to wear it to the party believing it’s cooler, and you’re going to look over what you want just for the sake of mixing in the cool community.

What Does it Mean to Follow the Herd?

In the simplest sense, herd instinct is a concept that explains the manner in which individuals are conditioned to behave in a similar manner by their contemporaries.

It indicates the innate urge to blend in and get along. We really see it in everything from hit trends of success like Kylie Jenner to any music band like BTS. People love to look like them. but these shoot up in value momentarily and then fall, usually.

And, What does it mean to have a Personal Sense of Style?

The idea of having your own style is different for everyone. when we just want to be part of a community in our adolescence and early 20s and are inspired by what our peers wear, the look of the bands you like, the movies you’re in, your cultural context everything we wear reflects all of that. But this seems to melt away as you age.

You style more for yourself, your style transforms and you recognize what defines you. As people and fashion fulfil all our demands so uniquely, we become dynamic. This is what’s so amazing about fashion. it is whatever you would like it to be.

It is clearly not important who you follow unless you are satisfied with your personal expression. But there are some ways which can help you stand out in fashion. Wanna find out how? Continue reading the tips.

■ Observe 

To enhance your personal style, you need to develop your focus, the primary thing you have to do is: look at how other individuals go there! Those who wear what kinds of items, what color schemes they blend, what footwear they sync with their dresses, how they complete the look, and many more. Suppose you’re a student in a foreign community and are attempting to discover the local traditions as much as possible.

Spend time in a coffee shop and just notice people walk by, pay careful attention to the clothes of your colleagues and friends and find out what your fellow passengers are carrying to work on your subway ride (in an anti-creepy way of course). Consider your daily environment as your laboratory. To complement your real-life experiments and open yourself to a wider variety of trends, use Pinterest and clothing journals.

■ Try New Things

Identifying and designing your fashion around your own unique preferences includes stepping out of the comfort zone. you can even customize yourself patches for your jeans or jackets to have your own taste.  This may make it look like an uphill struggle if you are a clothing beginner. How do you decide whether you favor vibrant colors vs. natural colors or look best in flowy pieces vs. fitted separates?

The best way to get to a point where you can honestly say, yes, this is the look I like on myself.  To expose yourself to a variety of different aesthetics and experimentation, will help you figure out what you want, as well as all the stuff you don’t really like.

■ Imitate What You Like

Once you have seen people with their choices of dressing and then you have discovered how you would like to define yourself to the public, the next step would be to imitate the style of what you actually like. How do art students develop their artistry? By researching and adapting to other artists’ ways and adding their touch to it.

So the article is typically all about ‘creating your own distinctive look’ rather than following the norms set by other people. But this can be a super beneficial innovative strategy for a total novice to mimic others since it shows you a specific model that you can use as a rough guide. Many style newbies who they feel intimidated and just plain baffled. They understand exactly that they have to explore, but they really don’t know where to start.

My recommendation remains to be the same: imitate!  Choose, replicate and repeat the attire then evaluate what you like or don’t like about any of it.

To develop your own style, make absolutely sure that you have worked out the essentials. Attempt to include the designs you enjoy. Try mixing and combining various styles and making your own look.