Elevations RTC Takes Pride in Being an Accredited Residential Treatment Center

By  //  October 26, 2020

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Having accreditation in any field can be a real badge of honor. Elevations RTC, based in Syracuse, Utah, worked very hard to earn their accreditation and provide teenagers from all over the United States a perfect location to face challenges head-on.

That accreditation label sounds nice, but some people considering the program might not truly understand what makes Elevations RTC different.

When people dive a little deeper into the details, they realize that accredited residential treatment centers are the best option for fast results that last. Living up to a high standard with each new crop of students is a challenge, but one that Elevations RTC takes head-on.

A few of those qualities that accredited residential treatment centers like Elevations RTC brings to the table are below. When families learn about some of these qualities, they realize that it is worth sending children to places willing to put in the extra work to set students up for success.

Striving for success

Elevations RTC is always looking for new ways to break through and give students the best possible opportunities for success. They understand that to bring in new students, the success of graduates plays a significant factor. Not only do they leave reviews and help with ratings, but they help as a recruiting tool if they are truly having success after graduation.

It takes a unique ability to adapt to every student in different ways. Accredited residential treatment centers can approach challenges from many different directions, depending on the student.

Being able to personalize a plan will give families back home peace of mind, and students will likely see a breakthrough at a faster rate.

Giving up is not an option for Elevations RTC, as they want to make sure that they are putting in as much effort as possible for each student. Many students want to benefit significantly from the program. Giving them the best opportunity to do that is crucial.

Families also count on Elevations RTC and the reputation they have built. It is a significant commitment for any family to send their child to Utah in hopes that it will all work out.

A large number of students are coming to Elevations RTC from out of state. Even with recognition for having success, there is still some level of doubt that every family will face when making such a life-altering decision.

To keep up with high levels of success, Elevations RTC only brings on the best teachers possible. This means making sure that they are fully licensed and, in most cases, have years of experience working with this specific type of teenager.

They are meant to excel in smaller class sizes and handle unique problems that might occur during the year. Having the ability to change approaches on the fly helps out considerably as well.

Leadership at all levels

There is a need for outstanding leadership at any residential treatment center looking for accreditation. This goes beyond the main teachers and specialists working with the students. Proper decision-making starts at the top and trickles down from there.

One of the most challenging aspects of maintaining a positive reputation in any field is keeping up with the times. What worked even a few years ago might not have the same type of effect on students in today’s world.

Elevations RTC is always looking for the latest opportunities to try new methods and incorporate different types of learning in the curriculum.

Proper leadership also keeps everything exceptionally organized at Elevations RTC. Every day is maximized by keeping to a set schedule.

Students do not feel like they are overwhelmed, going from activity to activity, but they still get a lot of different looks throughout the day. From schoolwork to extracurricular activities, they rely on proper leadership to divide the time up properly for a balanced day.

Honesty and openness with students and families

It pays off to be very transparent with students and their families. This move to a residential treatment center is a substantial decision for many families, and doubt can be right there if a person has a reason not to believe in a system. Keeping everything as open as possible with students and their family makes a lot of sense.

Residential treatment centers that fail to be open with what they do is a significant cause for concern. They might not be following proper protocols, and they may even be putting children at more risk.

With Elevations RTC, parents can get full details and update at any time. They even have the opportunity to speak directly to someone at Elevations RTC for more specifics.

If Elevations RTC was not completely open with individuals, it would be very hard for them to keep up their level of accreditation.

They are currently accredited by The Joint Commission, the State Office of Licensing for Utah, Cognia with Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, as well as accredited as a nonpublic school for the state of California.  This means that their curriculum meets all standards, and credits will transfer back home for students when they complete high school.

Some residential treatment centers fail to disclose important information, such as full accreditation. This can cause some confusion and hold-ups when transferring back home.

Having transparency and doing things the right way is a calling card for Elevations RTC, and it is just one way they differentiate themselves from the competition.

For more information on the program and all they offer troubled teens, visit their website at https://www.elevationsrtc.com

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