Fit Life Watch Reviews – Dost Fitlife Smartwatch Fitness Tracker

By  //  October 12, 2020

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If you are looking for a smartwatch that is equipped with all the features of a branded watch, is robust yet is trendy and gives that smooth luxurious look, you are at the right page. 

And don’t think that the price of the watch will also be like that of a branded one. It’s absolutely going to be within your budget.  Right now there is a 50% discount on the Fit Life Watch watch

We are here talking about a comparatively new smartwatch in the industry Fit Life Watch which comes across as a game changer leaving all the valuable brands behind due to its striking price and still offering the very same features.  You don’t agree?

Keep reading and you will believe for yourself.

Explaining Fit Life Watch

It’s a gadget that has already become the favorite wearable for many. Be it any one – athlete, businessmen or everyday people, it has stuck the cord everywhere.

This smartwatch capable of tracking your everyday activities and helping you organize your time and tasks acts like a personal assistant on your wrist which will help you transform even your busiest days into a stress-free routine.

The watch’s body on both sides front and back is made from extra resistant glass making it durable even during the hardest activities.  The watch is not just robust, it also takes care of providing you comfort by providing a comfortable silicone strap that wraps around your wrist perfectly. This combination makes it a perfect lightweight watch for training or for casual use.

Fit Life Watch is able to deliver a large number of advanced activity monitoring features

Unique Features of Fit Life Watch

Let’s take you through its unique properties which give this job an upper edge.

• Long-Lasting Battery Life

As with other gadgets, battery life is one of the most important aspects even for a smartwatch. Since this is your partner while exercising, cycling, or may be while listening to your favorite music, it is important that the watch does not get discharged midway. Fit Life Watch takes are if it and comes equipped with a massive 3-5 days of battery life depending on usage. On top of this, it only takes 1 hour to charge via USB which is better than most of the competitors.

• Great HD Touch Display

Your smartwatch is only as good as the quality of the on-screen display. Fit Life Watch is equipped with an HD display screen that is unnoticeable when not in use but when it is, the colors are very clear and it is really easy to read your messages when on the go. You are going to love it when you experience it.

• Perfect for Active Lifestyle

He watch comes with a pedometer that you can use to track your steps and connect to apps to read and display fitness data.  The watch also provides live physical electrocardiograms (ECG) which can be shared with the doctor in order to have a healthy life.

• User Friendly

Fit Life Watch is designed for everyone, whether you are a young person who enjoys physical exercise or someone who does not have time to exercise on a daily basis. Also, its touchscreen display is easy to navigate due to its 1.54 display.

• Compatible with both iOS and Android

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It does not leave anything untouched. Fit Life Watch is compatible with both Apple and Android products.  You can receive notifications of incoming calls and services like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and Skype on your Fit Life Watch.


This amazing technology-driven and fashionable watch is set to give its competitors a huge competition. Well, the praise for the watch is backed with ample positive reviews for the product. People using it are happy with their experiences.

As shared by one of the users, he was looking for a way to track the distance and the time taken to cover his running in the morning as he was willing to know his personal improvement.  Sharing his experience about the watch he says that this smartwatch really does the job! Now he can track his progress in great detail and also be aware of his physical condition each day.

Another one shares that she used to have a smartwatch made by an expensive company. But being unsatisfied with the often low battery she found it useless and decided to change her wearable with Fit Life Watch. Now she enjoys all Fit Life Watch has to offer without being anxious about the battery level.  She expresses that it’s truly remarkable how long it can last.

One more user who faces issues in attaining adequate night sleep shares that his family gifted him this watch from the perspective of tracking his sleeping sessions. He shares that Fit Life Watch only informs him about the hours of sleep he gets but also about the quality of it. It’s a great gadget!

Another user says that he needed to check his notifications and his email all the time because time spent means money spent. But now he can now keep himself posted all the time with Fit Life Watch. And the notifications pop up in real-time too!

Since he has his own company, he doesn’t really want to waste too much time on this but with Fit Life Watch he is sorted.  Sharing further he says that when he finds himself in moments of relaxation he can always turn off the notifications and enjoy his peace!

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Overall the watch is easy to use, can precisely monitor your fitness activity providing you a detailed log of your health vitals. The watch also covers monitoring of your sleep pattern so that you can make changes to improve your sleep. Being equipped with a bright HD Touch Display Screen makes it friendly to use and the long-lasting battery life saves you from the nuance of charging it too often.

How to order Fit Life Watch?

Fit Life Watch is available online on the manufacturer’s website. Ordering is quite an easy process. So if you are ready to flaunt around with your new smartwatch and are excited to track your journey of fitness, place an order for Fit Life Watch now. There may be offers or discounts too, so don’t forget to check about that before you make a purchase.