How Real Estate Companies Can Use Technology in Their Business Strategies

By  //  October 8, 2020

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We all know that technology is taking businesses to the next level, so how can it benefit real estate companies and people looking for property investment?

We all know that advances in technology are taking the business world by storm, and more recently, real estate companies have been implementing this to modernise their approach, create customer loyalty and increase their sales. The real estate sector recognises that the industry needs to keep up with current trends and the demand for people wanting to use technology to ease the process of future investments.

Now, more than ever, real estate companies are exploring new ways to deliver the best service that they can to clients and developers. With current Covid-19 restrictions, it has become more common to opt for virtual viewings, which limits face to face contact, ensuring that everyone remains as safe as possible throughout the transaction.

By giving customers access to the latest tech available it can provide successful alternatives to previous strategies as we move forward into a new way of working.

Virtual Reality Technology

Often associated with the gaming world is virtual reality (VR) software, and now it is becoming increasingly popular with a range of different industries, including real estate. Property investment agents are using VR viewings to show properties to potential investors looking to purchase an off-plan investment.

These types of properties have yet to be completed, so it can sometimes be hard for investors to picture the end result. Before using VR technology, real estate agents could show clients images and blueprints of the property, but this did not provide an actual visual to what the end goal would look like.

Now with the use of VR and computer-generated imagery (CGI), it gives a clear depiction of how a completed property will be finished once built. By using CGI, it can also showcase the inside design of the property too which makes for a great sales pitch.

Drone Footage Technology

Have you ever wondered what a property might look like from up above? Real estate companies are using drone technology to display video footage of future builds and finished properties from an entirely new angle. Investors can reach limits and see the progress of the property as it is being constructed, which again, is especially useful for those who have bought or are looking to buy an off-plan property.

Not only does drone footage give fantastic insight to investors, but it also provides real estate companies with cutting-edge technology to add to their marketing campaign to help boost sales.

Drone footage that shows a clear skyline of a city where the property will sit, really helps to sell the location to clients and developers, and why real estate companies from around the globe are utilising this technology. UK property specialists RWinvest use drone footage for advertising future developments on their YouTube channel for anyone wanting to take a look at the progress.

Technology will continue to develop and evolve, and smart companies that acknowledge the need for change will see their business flourish. Property investment is a big decision, and by having these tactful tools in place will help businesses secure many deals going forward.