Is CBD an Effective Treatment for COVID-19?

By  //  October 15, 2020

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In 2020 it seems like every story, good or bad is revolving around the discussion of covid-19. The economy, politics, travel, celebrity culture, sports, and health are all being dominated by the current climate that is dominated by this new virus.

Even with all of this discussion, people are trying to go about their daily lives to varying degrees.

All of the talks around covid-19 have led people to question how to protect themselves and many people are seeking alternatives to avoid high traffic areas affected by the virus, like hospitals.

The most interesting way that people have been figuring out how to keep check of their health through alternative means is with CBD.

This naturally occurring chemical compound is nowhere near new but many people are finally discovering its potential because it is becoming legal worldwide quicker and the research is becoming more accurate.

CBD has the potential to help with many medical conditions and for general health maintenance, but a big question is how can it help with covid-19?

There is still so much we do not know about covid-19 but here are ways the CBD can be used to help with your health during the pandemic.

Anxiety Reducing Properties

One of the biggest issues that have been a big concern for people in 2020 is their mental health.

The constant news about covid-19 is really wearing people down mentally and there have been significant increases in people feeling the growing anxiety from lockdown and the fear for their physical health.

With all of these people worrying about their anxiety and their mental state, it can be hard to find a useful solution that is less expensive or easier to set up.

Therapy appointments can be both hard to book because of a backlog or an increase in people needing therapy sessions, similarly, it can be very expensive to book therapy sessions. On the flip side, many people do not want to take anxiety medication and that is why CBD can help.

CBD has proven to help reduce anxiety symptoms in people with stress, anxiety, and even PTSD and BPD. This is one way that it can be useful in the fight against covid-19.

Heart and Blood Health Potential

While most people use CBD as an alternative for psychoactive chemicals like THC or alcohol and use it as a form of anxiety support, it also potentially benefits people who need help with blood and heart functions.

The blood and heart are among the utmost important functions of the body in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and covid-19 have been shown to potentially harm the heart in certain patients.

This problem has scared many people into taking their physical fitness more seriously, and the experts at CBD Organics show that there are plenty of options to help combat this. How does CBD help with the heart and blood?

Simply put, they can reduce blood pressure which leads to hypertension, a silent but deadly condition. Using CBD has been shown to help keep the heart and blood pressure health in check so it could be useful as a preventative measure and to keep you healthy in a general sense.

Improvement to Sleep Functions

Covid-19 is often referred to as coronavirus, which is a bit misleading. Coronavirus is a common term that refers to the family of viruses that are related to the common cold.

The common cold is usually tamer than covid-19, but many of the same rest and hygiene practices are similar to maintaining your body’s condition while fighting it.

Among these ways to combat the infection is through sleep. Sleep has always been one of the best ways to keep your body healthy during infection and covid-19 is similar because it can cause serious fatigue in some people who catch it.

Knowing this, you may want to know how to get a quality night’s sleep. The most common method is taking night time cough medicine, but the problem with this is that you can only take so much medicine.

CBD is the healthier alternative because it is smaller dosages and it can help relax you into a deep sleep each night. Getting a solid sleep will help recover for most colds and flu-like symptoms.

Immune System Protection

Good sleep is useful for getting over a cold or flu, as stated in the previous point, but it is also important for long term maintenance of a good immune system.

This is one of the many ways that CBD products have been shown to help with the immune system. Protecting your general immune system is one of the most vital ways to prevent any damage done by any kind of infection.

CBD usage can incite cytokine protein production, which aids in helping the immune system find infection in cells and CBD can help promote rapid cell growth to combat infection. This is a possibly beneficial way to keep you safe.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Usually, inflammation is important for fighting off an infection like a virus or cold.

This being said, anti-inflammation in the lungs is important to allow for a consistent flow of oxygen and the proper function of the lungs. CBD is not guaranteed protection from covid-19, just as most alternative options are not either.

CBD has shown that it has properties that can help, and anti-inflammation is a useful medicinal benefit for various issues.

Hurting yourself from physical activity would be one such way that CBD would prove useful for yourself and the anti-inflammatory properties it poses are certainly nothing to discourage.

The point is that CBD is not a solution for every medical condition but it has benefits for specific issues related to these conditions.

This year has been crazy for just about everyone. On every news channel, there is constant talk about the world’s problems, and the most notable one has been the covid-19 pandemic.

Allof the talks about this issue has scared many people into taking their health into question. Finding good solutions can be hard to come by, and maybe CBD is not the end-all answer for getting through covid-19 healthy, but CBD has shown that many of the symptoms can be helped with the use of this useful, natural alternative.