Is it Worth it to Preorder a Game on CD Key Websites?

By  //  October 7, 2020

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There are several rational reasons corporations are making and distributing video games to encourage consumers to pre-order their products: they would like to lock in as many assured consumers as possible.

In addition, weeks or even months before the title is out, they get a portion of the cash upfront. Preorders also can provide developers and developers with an indication of how popular the title will be as it opens.

Although there are valid reasons why gaming publishers sell preorders, the truth is that there is no real benefit in preordering a game from the viewpoint of the player.

Except the price in some cases, if you are shopping through alternative game key marketplaces, reselling cheap steam keys or origins cd keys then it might be worth it, as the prices usually goes up after the release of the game.

But next time you visit GameStop, Best Buy, Amazon, or anywhere you shop your video games at standard high prices, here are some of the many arguments that should convince you not to preorder any game.

The Game May Be Bad

Important announcement: many if not most of the games made during the year are a disaster. Anyway, if a company that makes them is well-known, you expect that the game will be good as well, but it’s not always a pattern.  Some games that sound like they’re going to be fun often turn out to be tragic, catastrophic failures.

For starters, Watch Dogs seemed like a star before, but once it arrived, everyone learned that it wasn’t so exceptional. The Order: Seemed incredible on paper in 1886, and it looked amazing in previews. But it was one of the greatest disappointments in PlayStation 4 history once it was released.

You didn’t rely on every part to be perfect, even for a long-running story. Players soon found in Call of Duty that Ghosts are a clunker. All acknowledge that Unity was a dark time of Assassin’s Creed (it had many bugs as well — more on it later). Do we even need to mention  Pro Skater by Tony Hawks? It was a complete disaster.

Preorders stand or fall based on the amount of attention that advertisers will churn up for a title. The game you are looking for is what you are preordering. On the release date, what you consent to pay full price for is the game they finally create. And quite often, they are not the same thing.

Games Are Often Buggy or Broken at Launch

Since computer games are far more complicated than they’ve ever been, they are far more vulnerable to mistakes as well. “Making a game is a big effort that frequently results with months of incredibly long working hours, known as” crunch time. “Bugs are expected to sneak by with so much testing going too rapidly at the end of the project, and believe us, they do.

When they released, two games listed earlier, Assassin’s Creed Unity and Pro Skater 5 from Tony Hawk’s, were completely rife with problems. oSo was the Fallout New Vegas, at that time one of the most expected games of the year. You just cannot know when a buggy title will strike the shelf. Preorder the game, and you’ll be suffering from these glitches while waiting staff will know what they’re in for.

You should wait until the glitches are patched before buying if you hang on to your cash and therefore don’t preorder a card, giving yourself a smoother gameplay experience than you’ve preordered (and perhaps even a reduced price). There will also be bugs with even games that aren’t buggy. Remember Battlefield 4 and Halo: Set of Master Chief? They had issues with the server that lasted for months, as did several other gamers.

Buying is safer later. Before investing your hard-earned dollars, read feedback to see how individuals respond on social media platforms. Go in with total knowledge of what you will get. Some platforms often offer cheap CD Keys. Among the best of them is CDKeyBay, so make sure to check it out. They always have some amazing discounts, and it would be a shame to miss them just because you decided to preorder the game. Not to mention it’s just a waste of money.

It Encourages Pre-order Rewards

Video game publishers deliver plenty of pre-order incentives ranging from open access to exclusive hats, outfits, firearms, and accessories for the in-game character to obtain as many pre-orders as they can. These are both unpleasant to buyers since these are incentives for preordering consumer-unfriendly practices. By preordering games, don’t promote this activity.


We’re holding a running list of major games that were postponed. Video games release date is delayed all the time, so that’s not something that should be strange to a guy that often buys them.

Many games are postponed for weeks or months, and a few among them even for years, including The Last Guardian and Final Fantasy XV. Such games are also advertised and preordered, and they never really came out. In the meantime, for whatever reason they choose, merchants get to use the cash you put down to receive the preorder.

It’s a Bad Financial Move

It costs a lot of money to preorder a game. At a store such as GameStop, this could cost $5, or it might be the game’s maximum price. What you’ve been doing, in any case, is taking out an interest-free loan to the sellers. Ask any financial adviser if it is a smart financial decision to offer interest-free loans, and you will get a major “NO” in reaction.

Once more, it is nice for entertainment corporations to preorder games, but not so convenient for you. Simply wait until the game is fully ready, and by the CD Keys for any of them. There are websites like CdKeyBay, Gog, g2a, and many others that will come up with some great offers.

There’s No Risk of Missing Out

It did make sense to pre-order certain games in the good old times that were in danger of running out of stock after they were published, but with big games at major stores, this no longer happens.

Even if your store of choice runs out of a single game through a mistake in the matrix, you will still have many alternatives. You could go to another website or download it from the PlayStation Store, Xbox marketplace, or Nintendo eShop. Even better, visit one of the websites we mentioned above and buy a cheap cd key for your favorite game!

Here are some of the most anticipated games of 2020 and their current price based on the video game price comparison site, allowing you to check for the best gamedeals available on the web.

1 – Cyberpunk 2077 – Release date on the 19th of November
The current price on Cdkeybay is $40.95 for the PC game key and starting from $53 on Xbox / PS4 game keys are currently at $59.99

2 – Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – Release date 13th of November 2020
Current price on CDkeybay for the PC game – 64$ and 59.99 for Xbox and console CD keys

3 –  Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla – Release on the 10th of November
The current price starts at $38 for the pc cdkey and $52 for the Xbox game keys