New 2021 Honors Pouring in for Michael Diaz Jr. in Miami

By  //  October 29, 2020

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Several publications have started releasing their lists for 2021, and Michael Diaz Jr. is once again receiving plenty of recognition. Months before the new year, Diaz Jr. is officially on two lists for 2021.

The Legal 500 Latin America and Best Lawyers USA 2021 both recognize Diaz Jr. as one of the top performers in his particular area of focus. With years of awards piling up for Diaz, this is the perfect way to transition into the new year.

The first list Diaz Jr. made was the Legal 500 Latin America 2021. This is not the first time that Legal 500 has recognized him, and they gave him specific praise for his work in international arbitration, compliance and investigations, and serving South Florida.

Based in Miami, Diaz Jr. takes a variety of cases every year looking to help out in many different fields. He has a wide client range that allows him a level of versatility few others can match.

The list from Best Lawyers USA 2021 also released early, and Diaz Jr. received recognition from them. Just like Legal 500 Latin America, they were impressed with his work in international arbitration.

He has been able to show time and time again that he can help out clients in a variety of cases, and understanding the intricate laws in international arbitration helps out considerably.

The first two awards for 2021 is likely just a beginning for Michael Diaz Jr. Every year, several publications rank him highly for his outstanding work.

With over 20 years of experience, it still means a lot to land on any of these trusted lists. There are always new clients looking for assistance and being a trusted name in the industry is only a positive for picking up new clients.

Diaz Jr. also looked at the big picture and understands that it is good for the entire law firm to pick up any accolades and is making a positive impact in Miami helping to bring in a new water park according to a recent Biz Journals article.

In some cases, lists in the past have recognized Diaz Jr. individually, as the Diaz Reus International Law Firm & Alliance. Diaz Jr. takes a lot of pride in earning individual recognition, but there’s always something special about seeing others with the firm also have success.

These lists only add to the growing level of accomplishments for Diaz Jr. and his firm over the last few decades. With over 30 years of experience in law, Diaz Jr. has seen just about everything.

From working on local cases to very well-publicized arbitration and litigation opportunities, success continues to stay the main focus. Preparation is the key to success in Diaz Jr.’s field, and his ability to put in the extra time and energy while others fall short translates to this level of success.