Steps You Can Take to Feel More Confident with Tech

By  //  October 26, 2020

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If you can’t use or understand technology, then you may be in fear of being left behind, whether personally or within your career. While a love or a passion for tech doesn’t have to be at the forefront of everything you do, it is an important part of life that is only going to continue to grow at a fast pace.

That’s why it’s a good idea to take the right steps to become more familiar with tech and fill any gaps you believe you have when it comes to tech understanding.

However, it can feel pretty daunting if you’re not used to tech and don’t know where to start.

So here are some steps you can take to build your tech confidence:

■ Choose a Device You’ll Use

Feeling more confident with tech doesn’t mean that you have to be savvy with every single device. There are going to be those that you’ll simply never use or might be beyond what you need in terms of technology. A good way to get started with technology is to choose something you’re interested in using so that you’ll actively want to learn about it. A smartphone or tablet could be a good starting point.

A laptop or computer is a key investment in general. However, these are not only pieces of tech in themselves, they’re also important for accessing the internet and other devices or pieces of software.

■ Get Online

Being able to use the internet is a very basic skill but a much-needed one. If you’re not familiar with using the internet and being able to browse correctly then you may fall behind. It may be daunting to try to use the internet, especially if you need to switch to electronic tasks such as shopping online. However, getting online is a crucial step to technology confidence. Start by getting the internet for yourself, or using a public internet at designated stations, so that you become familiar with browsing and internet safety.

■ Take a Course

A great way to build your confidence (and your expertise) is to take a dedicated course related to technology and working online, such as AWS certification training. This will help to improve your skills in a learning environment, both personally and as a helpful qualification for any work or career.

■ Ask Others to Help You

Certain tech pieces may need a demonstration, or maybe you’re a visual learner who prefers to be shown something in order to learn. There’s nothing wrong with asking those around you to give you a helping hand with a new device. Or, online tutorials and demonstrations from experts can be easily accessed and watched.

■ Do Your Research

Find out all you can about the technology you’re trying to learn about, and how you can become more adept with it. Even using the internet to browse and search for resources regarding tech is a way to build your confidence using the internet at the same time.

Technology doesn’t have to be something you’re wary of, but instead something you can learn about and build your skills with.