The Three Cornerstones of a Successful Website in 2020

By  //  October 15, 2020

There’s little doubt that 2020 has been the year that life rushed online. With shops closed, vacations canceled, and consumers staying at home for much of the year, we’ve seen an unprecedented rise in online shopping as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

This is likely to change the online business ecosystem forever, providing huge opportunities for the businesses that upgrade their websites in the right way in the 2020s. This piece is about the three fundamental cornerstones of successful websites – and how you can change your own site to make it more useful for the future.

Flashy Design

The websites of the 2010s were clunky and uninteresting. Many of them were designed using simple templates provided on WordPress and other web design platforms. And most of them didn’t feature effective mobile optimization. To make your website stand out as modern and professional, then you should strongly consider hiring web development experts to build you a new website that looks the part for the 2020s.

This cornerstone is especially important for those companies that are looking to sell directly to consumers. Online users are used to the platforms developed by the tech giants such as Amazon and Netflix, and they expect the aesthetics of the websites they visit to be tailored to their needs. As such, making your website look that bit better will help you generate more sales in 2020.

User Experience

When your user lands on your home page from Google’s search results, they begin a journey with your website and your brand. Every piece of content they come across – be that written or visual – will impact how they see your brand and the ethos that they believe your brand is attempting to show off. This user experience, or UX, is fundamental to your success as a website in 2020.

One of the fascinating ways to adjust your UX to increase click-throughs to your product pages and convert many of those filled baskets to sales in the 2020s is to monitor your web traffic. You can do this through your site’s backend, where data is presented to you to help you A/B test a number of different designs to see which encourages better user journeys and pushes more sales on your site.

Social Media Integration

More and more consumers come across the companies they choose to trade with online. This is the phenomenon behind the rise of the Instagram Influencer and the increasing cash spent on advertising on Facebook, Snapchat, and Tiktok. If your firm is failing to engage with this huge audience, drawing them onto your website, then you’ll be missing out on the next generation of consumers.

The tip here is simple: integrate your web content with your social media content and create plenty of links for social media users to click through onto your website. Social media marketing is a tricky nut to crack. Still, if your company manages to draw in a large following on one of the leading platforms, you’ll filter thousands of more consumers onto your website in the 2020s.

Adjust your website for this new decade of only-first trade with the above three tips.