Top 5 NFL Futures Bet You Can Wager This Season

By  //  October 20, 2020

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The NFL futures bet is one of the popular wagering games you can play in today’s NFL season.

From the name itself, it simply bets on a future event or something that will not be decided until the league ends. It also offers the best prizes for bettors, so it’s a good betting option to take.

Compared to the Moneyline and Point Spread betting, where you must scrutinize the value set by the bookies, the futures bet requires less effort to study the numbers. You only have to get updated with the game’s flow, how the team and player perform each match, and how they currently stand in the league to pick a deserving entry.

The NFL season is full of surprises, especially that the dogs are almost dominating the conference games against the favorites. NFL futures betting becomes more exciting, so don’t forget to log in to your reliable sportsbook like FanDuel and consider these five most promising NFL futures bets you can wager when Super Bowl LV finals take place.

Buffalo Bills Will Win Super Bowl LV 

Today, the NFL is leaning towards an excellent season despite the COVID-19 pandemic. While many dramas are happening in the NFL drafting, it continues during the regular season. The big favorites like the Chiefs have maintained their impressive odds while the Ravens surprise the NFL community by blowing out impressive scores.

The teams mentioned above are indeed the best bets you can wager in the Money Lines and Point Spread. But, the Buffalo Bills are seen as the group to clinch the Super Bowl LV title today when it comes to NFL futures.

Since then, they have the most viable value in the futures market, and it all started when they added Stefon Diggs as the starting receiver. Aside from that, Josh Allen is a quarterback to beat, and Sean McDermott returns as the head coach.

Ryan Tannehill Wins NFL MVP Award 

In the sea of impressive quarterbacks today like Mahomes and Jackson, Ryan Tannehill is seen to win the NFL MVP Award in the NFL futures. During 2012-2018, he played for the Miami Dolphins as their starting quarterback. However, in 2019, he got traded by the Tennessee Titans, where he earned several awards after joining the group.

Today, Tannehill is gaining the best lines and price to win NFL futures MVP as he is one of the reasons why the Titans remained undefeated. Believe it or not, for many years, the Titans are leaning to a perfect playoff record in the AFC South. Remember that last year, Tannehill achieved the NFL Comeback Player of the Year and NFL Passer Rating Leader, his most significant accomplishments for his entire career.

Rob Gronkowski For Comeback Player Of The Year 

Rob Gronkowski left the New England Patriots in 2018. He expressed his retirement from the NFL, and many were saddened about this. However, he surprised many fans during the NFL Draft after signing a contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the starting tight end. With this, he reunites with Tom Brady, his former teammate in the Pats.

Today, he led the NFL futures to win the NFL Comeback Player of the Year. Although other players might win this title like Bradley Chubb and Le’ Veon Bell, Gronkowski leads the pack. He is a sure bet you can wager as he is the front-runner for the said award.

Jamal Adams Will Win Defensive Player Of The Year

The Seattle Seahawks had made a clean slate since the NFL opened last September. They remained undefeated and might head on to the league playoffs to represent the NFC West. Jamal Adams is one reason why the Seahawks continue to soar high today as he plays as the Safety for the group.

That said, he is a sure market you can back on to win the Defensive Player of the Year for the NFL futures.  He ranks second in today’s NFL best defensive talents. Out of many playing years he spent with the NFL, Jamal Adams has never been out of the rankings as the best defensive player, and he might win that this time.

The Pats Won’t Go Over Double-Digit Wins 

After the exit of Brady last year, the Pats struggled too much in today’s NFL season. They probably have to make the biggest adjustments this year, especially in forming the front players. In the NFL futures, the Pats are seen not to garner double-digit wins for the entire season like they did in the past.

Looking into the current divisional rounds, the Pats are on two wins and three losses. The team had a rough start, and they might get drowned in their upcoming matches. In Week 7, they will face the Niners, which is also one of the toughest teams to watch out in today’s NFL campaign.


Nothing is more fulfilling than winning in the NFL futures bet. As stated, it offers big prizes like other betting games you can play in the NFL. That said, make sure to get guided with the best futures bet outline above to surely bring home the bacon once the Super Bowl finals take place.