Want to Know Your Man Better? Here are 5 Tips to Understand Your Dating Partner

By  //  October 20, 2020

Are you still in the getting-to-know-each-other phase of dating? Do you want to build a stronger connection with your boyfriend?

Are you someone who is looking for some answers to get closer to your man? Then you are certainly in the right place, my friend.

When it comes to bedroom behavior, it is said without a doubt that men are outstanding. But, most of them are not too forthcoming in terms of emotional intimacy.

While you might keep trying to understand male nature’s complexity, we are here to provide you with wisdom. So ladies, listen carefully, as we have the five secrets that will help you understand the man in your life better.

The Secrets Of A Male Nature

A male mind is filled to the brim with surprising elements, and when it comes to sex, they are very mysterious. While they are quite proficient in pleasing a woman, they do not think they are all worried about it. Indeed, there are many points that the males secretly wish for or are anxious about. Here, we have got a list of some of these secrets.

The Fear Of Letting You Down

Men are always under extreme pressure to perform well in bed. And while it is a bit easier for women, who are not that concerned with sex, men worry about pleasing their partners. They want to feel powerful, masculine, and essential, and taking their partners to new heights of pleasure gives them that feeling.

Still, the iconic images of strong women on TV and real-life showcase that modern women are self-reliant and independent. In this concern, it does not help with their confidence.

The more liberated and free-minded a woman is, the more troubled they will feel about their performance. This might lead to a few ego clashes too. All you have to do then is to keep a calm mind and understand their desires.

Plus, when you show them that you genuinely find their touch and company attractive, that would make them feel better. Not to mention, occasionally, show that you do depend on them for certain things. Trust me, that is just a small point but would go a long way in making them feel confident.

Men Want Loyalty

Unlike girls, men do not easily forgive a cheating partner, especially in the matter of sex. They can’t stand the fact that their partner is having an online affair.

They crave loyalty; one way to prove it to them is by being faithful to them and no one else. Show that they are a priority for you, and show your support in his decisions. That would strengthen their trust in your words of love and faithfulness.

Of course, this does not mean that most men want you to forget your other priorities and talk to no other man. They want to feel secure in your connection, and thus, would judge your actions accordingly.

More Validation Equals To More Groove

Sex is considered a source of great power and is proof of masculinity for a man. For a man, sex is the way to prove to his woman that he is a strong, energetic, and passionate lover. They want to please their partners, and that gives them a feeling of power.

Therefore, you should sometimes let him know how you enjoy yourself with him, whether during the act or in the post-coital period. This would give a significant boost to the male ego and increase their happiness too.

Waiting Too Long? Nah!!

The so-called ‘rules’ of dating state that women should hold out on sex. But this is only in the beginning, and for old-fashioned dating specifically.

Currently, sexual identity and power roles in relationships are not entirely male-oriented. However, there is still this belief that men should approach women, and they would, in turn, agree to their sexual advances.

Indeed, sex is an essential element present in any romantic relationship, and they desire a woman who would agree to it. They do not want to pursue someone who is not interested, and most of the men wish to quick fixes.

Thus, you should convey the desire that you feel for your man, which would boost his desire for you. Please do not wait for them to make their move always; do the chasing too. More often than not, this is precisely what they want; to feel desirable.

Men Are Body-Conscious Too

Men, unlike women, do not have issues with their weights as much. But let us be real; they do have some problems with their images, which causes insecurity. Height, strength, and sexual stamina are a few things that bother men quite a lot.

They know that they have competition, that there are other attractive men out there. While most men are very secure in their self-image, the doubt creeps in more frequently than their female partners. If they feel something serious for them, they would want their lover to think of them as their ultimate fantasy. Indeed, men do get body-conscious and performance-conscious.

Therefore, encouraging him in bed by saying how attractive he is can help a lot. Not only is such talk good for their confidence, but they also work as a powerful aphrodisiac. When they feel your passion and your words about how much you desire them mid-coitus, that will spur them to perform better.

Plus, doing so out of bed would also help. When you are going out together and see another attractive woman, be a little possessive. Not to mention, do small things like complimenting them when around your friends or to your lovely friends, and ignore other attractive males for them. Let us tell you a little secret; men adore that.

Over To You Now

Indeed, a man would not openly tell you many of their innermost thoughts and worries. Through their words and body language, you can get an idea of what it is they want. We hope these secrets are helpful to you for figuring out your man and improving your bond together.