What to Pack for a Motorcycle Trip to the Gulf

By  //  October 5, 2020

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In the event one plans to journey along the coast, it’s important to pack properly and recognize what you’re getting into.

Sure, rain gear and extra funds are essential, but there’s a bit more that’s up for consideration when taking such a travel. Thankfully, we’re here to give you some insight on what you’ll need to prepare for when taking a ride along the coast.

How Long Will It Take You?

Much of what you pack depends on how long you plan on being out for. For example: If you’re traveling along the Florida coast, you may be able to pack lightly since it only takes a day or two to drive along the Gulf. Long story short, there’s no need to over pack, but under packing can cause more pit stops than planned.

If you plan on taking a passenger along, you’ll need twice the items for both parties to be happy. If they’re taking their own bike it’s even better, but if both are on one bike this dilemma rests on the size of the saddlebags.

Season of the Trip

Temperatures can be tricky when it comes to the road. Comfort is key when it comes to planning your pack list. It is important to keep this in mind as you head south for your trip. The essential thing to keep in mind is that while on the road, it will feel cooler by 10-15 degrees than the actual temperature.

If the beach is your ultimate destination, keep cooling gear top of mind – bring lighter layers, cooling vests and other high performance sweat wicking clothing in your pack.

Traveling before October is usually the best if one is taking a motorcycle. A chilly morning might be an issue, but this wouldn’t be too much of a problem if the trip is made during May. Depending on the season, a heating or cooling vest might be of interest to combat the weather you might be subjected to.

If you’re riding along the shore during cold months, heated gear or grips may be suggested so that you can enjoy the scenery and not feel like an ice block by the time the trip is over. If you plan on swimming at the hotel or in the ocean, packing towels and swimsuits is helpful to avoid stopping to purchase them later.

Trip Necessities

The basics remain the same, no matter where in the US you are headed. No surprise here, the number one thing to remember is safety first! A helmet and sturdy outerwear are a must. Beyond these two foundations, there are the clothes, shoes, toiletries and water you will inevitably need for more than a day trip. Be sure to think about what you will use and pack as light as possible.

Keeping it light is always easier the further south you head, but there are hot weather considerations to keep in mind for your jaunt to the coast. Other necessities include sunglasses, sunscreen, and a camera to take photos of the sunset.

If you have extra space, a memory card or USB stick will allow you to take hundreds of photos without the worry of deleting some to make space. Ziploc bags help keep your stuff safe in case it gets wet, anything that could be ruined by rain needs to be bagged.

Safe & Sound

Ear plugs are suggested to prevent damage to your hearing as you ride along the coast. You’ll also want GPS or a map to stay on course so you don’t get lost. You may even want to bring along a lantern or flashlight in the event the vehicle breaks down and you’re out on the shoulder of the road at night. First aid, flares, tools, and snacks are suggested, but we’re sure you already know that.

Considering the information above, there’s quite a bit to think about regarding packing for your trip. However, it’s the unforeseen circumstances that may arise on the way to your destination that we worry about. Thankfully, we’re here for your motorcycle accident while on vacation needs and we’re willing to serve you. Contact us today for further information.