Who Is Responsible for Jet Ski Injuries?

By  //  October 11, 2020

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Jet skis can create unforgettable memories on warm coastal waters.

But riding jet skis attracts a party mood and an adrenaline rush. This scenario may make an operator ride at high speeds, paving the way for a possible wreck.

Jet ski accidents may involve severe injuries. In some instances, operators may bang their heads against the equipment, causing a concussion. Spinal cord injuries could also be the result. Given that fatalities are also a possibility, it is an absolute necessity to determine who is responsible for a jet ski accident in case you need to seek damages.

Parties Responsible for Jet Ski Injuries

Depending on the nature of the jet ski accident, the following four possible parties may be responsible for any injuries.

The Jet Ski Rider

The person operating the jet ski may end up shouldering the expenses following an accident. The liability would fall on the rider if they were riding under the influence. Also, a rider who fails to act safely and reasonably may be responsible for their injuries. Actions such as riding at extreme speeds or making dangerously sharp turns may prove negligence on the jet ski operator’s part.

Sometimes, a rider may sign a liability release waiver when renting a jet ski. The waiver exempts the renting company from liability should an accident occur. Thus, if the jet skip operator rams a rock and suffers injuries, the renting company will not be liable.

The Jet Ski Rental Company

The rental company might be responsible for jet ski injuries if it failed to maintain the equipment properly. The renter should regularly examine their jet skis and take care of all necessary repairs and maintenance. If they rent you a faulty watercraft that has defects that caused an accident, they are liable.

Additionally, the rental company should brief you on how to ride the jet ski safely. If there are any perils in the area, such as rocks or sharks, the company should make you aware of it. Thus, if an accident occurs due to a danger that the company did not tell you about, you can hold them responsible. However, it may be difficult to recover damages from the rental company if you signed a liability waiver.

The Jet Ski Manufacturer

If a jet ski accident happens and the operator was riding a well-maintained watercraft carefully, the fault may lie on the manufacturer. While rare, jet ski manufactures may produce faulty equipment that leads to a wreck.

Successful lawsuits against jet ski manufacturers are especially important as they highlight unknown faults. Holding manufacturers accountable and forcing them to fix defects could help save the lives of hundreds if not thousands of jet ski operators.

Other Jet Ski Riders

You may rarely find yourself riding a jet ski alone. If another jet ski operator acts negligently and causes an accident, they are responsible for the resulting injuries. However, if the jet ski rental company allows an intoxicated person to ride their crafts, you may sue both the renter and operator.

Why You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer

Have you been in a jet ski accident? Does your case fall within the most common personal injury claims? If your answer to these questions is yes, then you may need a jet accident lawyer. Jet ski wrecks differ from other accidents since a liable third party may use the “assumption of risk” defense. In that case, the victim is responsible for their injuries as they voluntarily took part in a potentially risky activity.

Determining liability in a jet ski accident is no easy feat. This fact makes seeking out the help of an experienced attorney necessary. With a lawyer’s help, you may hold those who were responsible for your injuries accountable and successfully sue them for damages.