10 Amazing Places To Live In South Carolina

By  //  November 26, 2020

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Thinking about relocating to the east coast? Here is a list of 10 unique places in South Carolina for your consideration.

Do you want to live at a quaint place near the Atlantic where you can fall asleep to the sound of crashing waves every night? Live a leisurely life and enjoy the taste of freshly caught shrimp and peaches from Georgia?

If you think about somewhere on the east coast, South Carolina will be your best bet to realize that fantasy. South Carolina has all the natural charm of a coastal state, along with the small-town vibe in its quaint suburbs and the buzzing tourist spots – it is perfect for everybody.

If you are an avid football lover, South Carolina college football teams won’t disappoint you; if you are a food lover, South Carolina has fresh, mouthwatering seafood waiting for you. Even if you are not into sport or food, you will be fascinated by the rich history of South Carolina. It is an excellent place to enjoy your retirement or relocating somewhere new to give life a fresh start. Read on to get to know South Carolina better and find the best places to live in this charming state.

Here’s A Little Glimpse of South Carolina

When we think about South Carolina, the sandy beaches of Myrtle Beach and the slow-paced life is what comes to our mind. Add the charming southern drawl and the heartwarming southern hostility to your list, and you get the perfect destination to spend the rest of your life.

South Carolina is the 40th largest state in the USA, with picturesque beaches by the Atlantic Ocean, mountain ranges, and diverse history. It was one of the thirteen original states of the United States. With a population density of 157/sq mi, South Carolina ranks 23rd among 52 states of America. If you move to South Carolina, you can have the taste of both worlds, the bustling city vibes in big cities and the slow-moving life of the suburbs.

Places to Live in South Carolina

South Carolina offers a diverse range of places to live in. Some are densely populated, some are quaint, and some are quite expensive, while some are surprisingly cheap. With the combination of miles-long beaches and towering mountain ranges, you can also pick a more naturally adorned place.

Here we have selected ten great destinations in South Carolina that you can consider for relocating.

Myrtle Beach

If you want to live someplace where every day is a vacation with sandy beaches and green golf courses stretching for miles, you should certainly consider Myrtle Beach.  Although it is known as a tourist destination, Myrtle Beach has all the qualities and amenities that a good residential district can offer. Myrtle Beach properties are affordable, almost 31% less than the average home cost in the USA.   You can check out Myrtle Beach SC condos for sale to find a suitable condo at Myrtle Beach.


With cobblestone streets and historic architecture, Charleston is one of the oldest cities in South Carolina. However, it is also one of the most populous cities with a population of 137,566 – so moving to Charleston will give you a more densely populated suburban life. This 350 years old city has some fascinating history to tell you. Charleston is also a tourist favorite for its unique cuisine and shopping facilities.


Columbia, the capital of South Carolina, is an excellent place to live for young professionals. As it houses the University of South Carolina, residents are as football fanatic as you would expect. Living in Columbia will provide you with a liberal lifestyle and a combination of urban-suburban living. The capital’s affordability, employment opportunity, and location near both the beach and mountain make it an ideal place for you.


Greenville is a historically industrial city that can give you a broad range of experience. This cosmopolitan city has some of the best culinary and hospitality that South Carolina has to offer. Famous for its textile industry, Greenville is also a coveted destination for shopping lovers. It has the perfect location, well connected with other big cities, adequate employment opportunities, and loads of different ways to find entertainment.

Mount Pleasant

Although Mount Pleasant is relatively more expensive than other South Carolinian cities, it has the two nicest beaches in the state. Being one of the posh residential areas, it is relatively safer with a low crime rate. Its thriving downtown can offer you a busy suburban lifestyle. Living in Mount Pleasant, you can also explore the marshlands and wilderness of South Carolina.

Tega Cay

Tega Cay is your traditional conservative community with a touch of rural vibe. Although Tega cay is the farthest city of the state, almost a part of North Carolina, it certainly has its small community charm. Most of the residents live here for generations, and compared to other cities, they are above average in the income spectrum. If you want to be part of this close-knit community near the beach, you can certainly consider moving to Tega cay.

Seven Oaks

Seven Oaks is a suburb of Columbia with a population of only 16000. This small neighborhood is a delightful place to live with your family to raise your children in a suburban ambiance. The affordability of properties in Seven Oaks also makes it an excellent choice for new families.


Clemson is your traditional college town where the lives of college students and the community are deeply intertwined. This small town feature relatively low property prices with ample rental opportunities. Being the home to Clemson University, the town possesses a progressive quality. If you want to live the lifestyle of academia, Clemson can be your place.

Rock Hill

If you are artistic oriented, then Rock Hill is your scene.  This creative city is famous for its art galleries and museums. Culturally rich Rock Hill can also offer you some distinctive culinary and entertainment experiences along with a college-town vibe.

Sullivan’s Island

If you have a long-cherished idea to live on an island, living on Sullivan’s Island can make that dream come true. Although it can’t be called a proper island as it is connected to the mainland with a big highway, you can’t ignore its full-fledged historical lighthouse! If your adventurous mind leaped with joy with the prospect of a lighthouse, be prepared to spend at least a seven-figure amount to get a property at Sullivan’s Island.

On a final note, moving to someplace new might be exciting as well as overwhelming. While South Carolina offers some of the best places to live on the east coast, you should pick a destination that is more compatible with your lifestyle.

Besides, if you plan to find work or raise your kids, consider a place that offers good employment opportunities and education. Also, consider the cost of living and the nature of amenities you are going to need. Good luck with finding your dream place to live in South Carolina! Hopefully, you will be a proud homeowner in South Carolina in no time and see for yourself how all the southern charm works for you.