5 Benefits of Organic Honey

By  //  November 23, 2020

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Honey is a sweet syrupy fluid made by honeybees in their dwellings called beehives. These small insects collect a sweet substance called nectar from flowers and use it to make the honey. 

The honey that people consume comes in two forms. There is organic unprocessed honey straight from the beehive. This is a dark brown color and since it is unprocessed it has all its nutrients intact. The other type of honey is the processed type called pasteurized honey.

It has gone through an intense heating process. This heating process burns off some of the useful components. During this processing, physical impurities like pieces of honeycombs and dead bees are removed.

The result is a much cleaner product that’s much lighter in color. So, the question is, what kind of honey is best for your health? In terms of nutritional value, the processed is also much poorer as some nutrients are burned off by the heat used.

Raw organic honey has numerous benefits which for convenience can be grouped into two broad categories, medicinal benefits and nutritional benefits. Let’s consider some of the benefits of premium organic honey.

Source of Antioxidants

Unprocessed organic honey contains a wide range of plant-based chemicals that act as antioxidants. This is so because the raw material used to make the honey, or nectar comes from plants.

Antioxidants are useful in protecting tissue cells from damage by certain compounds found in the body called free radicals. This cell damage by free radicals has been shown to contribute to the aging process.

Some serious research is being done on what kind of honey is best and also looking at the beneficial effects of the different types of honey. This research is showing that organic honey does help in preventing heart disease and some type of cancers.

Good Energy Booster

Studies carried out by the National Institute of Health in the US have shown that more than a 90percent of premium organic honey by dry weight is made up of energy-rich carbohydrates, mostly sugars like sucrose glucose and maltose.

Human bodies are able to easily convert these sugars to useful energy. So raw honey is an ideal energy booster. Nutritionists actually encourage gym lovers to take a dose of honey before a workout to boost energy levels and to take another dose after the workout to replace the sugars lost during the session.

High Nutritional Value

In addition to the energy-giving sugars mentioned above, premium organic honey contains a host of additional nutrients. The National  Institute of Health lists more than 30 vitamins and mineral elements that have so far been identified in this plant-based product. These include essential minerals like calcium, potassium and sodium and many vitamins in the vitamin B range. So a daily dose of honey is highly recommended.


Everyone knows just how much of a nuisance persistent coughs are. They won’t let you get your night’s sleep and inconvenience when you are around other people. For such coughs, raw organic honey is the answer.

Experts agree that a teaspoonful of honey is just as effective as prescription cough mixtures in alleviating the worst symptoms of coughs and flu.

In fact, some point out that raw organic honey is more beneficial than traditional cough mixtures. By taking it you avoid the chemicals that go with cough mixtures whilst pure organic honey cures the cough naturally and provides you with all those nutrients described above.

Healing of Wounds

For centuries, different cultures and societies around the globe have been using honey as a wound dressing for cuts and torn flesh. Such widespread use suggests that these early people found it highly effective.

Modern research proves that raw organic honey has anti-pathogenic properties and actually destroys bacteria. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which help to suppress pain, improve blood circulation, thus help in the healing process.


So, if you are still asking yourself, what kind of honey is best for you, we have provided some useful information about organic honey. As can be seen raw organic honey has many medicinal and nutritional properties.

A word of caution however, experts say it should never be given to children under the age of 12 months. It could actually harm them as their digestive systems are not yet fully equipped to handle it.