5 Sports to Maximize Your Enjoyment at Any Stage of Your Life

By  //  November 13, 2020

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Getting involved in sport can bring you joy throughout your life. Throw in some great health benefits, and there are lots of great reasons to pick up a new sport. 

So, what are some sports you can take up at any stage of your life, and how can they improve your well-being, both mental and physical? Here are some great sports you can enjoy no matter your age and take advantage of some great health benefits.


Boating is an amazing way to get out in the fresh air and enjoy the water. People love boating because it provides freedom, challenges, and of course, the physical activity, and it’s something you can enjoy at any age.

Get out and take your boat safety certification with ilearntoboat and ensure you’re safely enjoying the benefits of this great sport. You’ll meet lots of great people, and learn a skill that will stay with you forever.


People often see the physical side of tennis, but it is also a huge mental challenge. Whether you’re playing this game as a 20-year-old or an 80-year-old, the physical intensity might change, but the mental side certainly doesn’t.

This means there are always things you can learn in tennis, as you’re always seeking to improve the tactical and mental side of your game. Anyone can pick up a tennis racket and learn to play, and it’s something that can give you enjoyment throughout your life.


If you’re looking to escape the stress of life, then there are few better activities than fishing. Again, it’s a sport that gets you out in the fresh air, and this is always beneficial for your health.

The nice thing about fishing is you can be as engaged with it as you like. You can cast a line, fall asleep and wait for the bell to tell you you’ve hooked a fish, or you can be a bit more active. You’re in control of the process, but at the end of it, everyone gets that amazing feeling when they hook a nice fish (hopefully.)


At first glance, golf might not seem like one of the most active sports out there, but it can keep you very fit. You soon rack up the miles when you play 18 holes of golf, and walking has some tremendous health benefits, so, it’s a great way to get out in the fresh air.

Golf is another sport that you can play at virtually any age, and it continues to provide an intense challenge no matter how good you get. It may be a cliché to retire and pick-up golf, but why not?


Another sport with some great health benefits is swimming.

Aside from the benefits of working out in water, studies are starting to show that cold water swimming has a big impact on your mind, helping to stave off dementia and helping with things like depression.

No wonder so many people enjoy their daily swim!