5 Tips for Choosing the Best Liquor for Leisure

By  //  November 23, 2020

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Alcoholic drinks are taken as a way to relax, to wind down, to enjoy and to have a good time with friends, acquaintances, colleagues or family. At least that’s how it should be, though unfortunately as everyone knows people (or some people) too often overdo it.

In many cases, such over drinking is a result of simply getting carried away and one ending up taking in more than they intended, or sometimes it’s a result of peer pressure, having that ‘one more’ because the boys say so and you want to appear ‘mancho’ and don’t want to be considered a ‘sissy’. Yet others drink themselves into oblivion to try and drown their sorrows.

Whatever the reason, overdrinking is not the way to go. We condemn it here for the potential harm it can cause both to the imbiber and to others. Enough said there. This article focuses on sensible drinking, how to best select and serve  particular drinks for leisure and for particular occasions. Oaks & Corks has got you covered for all kinds of liquor drinks.

Choose a Drink that Suits the Occasion

Leisure time is the time that you have set aside to just enjoy and relax with your loved ones. The occasion could be a party with friends and relatives gathered around to mix and mingle, exchange tit bits and dance to some music.

It could also be a Saturday and you have chosen the day to hang out with your buddies for an outing with the boys to enjoy yourselves at the local pub whilst watching your favorite game on the big screen, and for the ladies, you are out with the girls on a ‘girls only’ outing to just have drinks and gossip.

Whatever occasion the type of drinks you are going to have and the way you will have them should be appropriate.

What Type of Drinks Should They Be? 

Alcoholic beverages come in different forms. There are the white wines, the red white wines and there is champagne for that special occasion. There are port and sherry for those who prefer a harder punch, there is a wide range of brandies and whiskeys to choose from. Some go for vodka or rum.

Let’s also not forget the straight beers usually taken straight from the bottle. Many opt for mixers made from different brands. It’s all booze to suit and satisfy different tastes and appropriate for different occasions.

When to Go for Gin

Gin comes in different guises. There are many different types and most of them give quite a punch. This is an alcoholic drink usually preferred by males and it’s usually taken with a mixer like tonic water or sprite.

When planning an occasion, and you are planning to serve gin, one of the factors you should seriously take into account is the price. The different types of gin found on the market differ widely in price from the cheap low-quality brands to the rather pricey top of the range labels.

Gin is appropriate for many occasions: for the office party, for an outing with your mates or for that occasional glass you have at home after coming in from a hard day’s work. For special occasions such as a wedding or engagement party, it is a good idea to ask around for advice on which brands to get.

Should it Be Champagne?

For many of us the mere word champagne conjurers up images of the rich and famous and glittering parties. It’s not like that at all. There are low priced, medium-priced and high priced champagnes. Oaks & Corks offers a variety of these, it’s for you to choose the one that suits your budget.

The essence lies not in the price but in the mood and the atmosphere of the occasion. With the budget factored in of course, champagne is for that special occasion where leisure is combined with pleasure. A new year’s party where the year’s resolutions are made, a romantic night out with a lady or just relaxing with your loved ones at home comes out the bottle, or for celebrating a birthday.

Champagne is a suitable drink for many occasions. Its smooth soothing taste is a real treat for your taste buds. For the newlyweds tying the knot popping a bottle of champagne is one of the highlights. Special occasions call for champagne. Next time you have one such occasion make sure you get a bottle.

Choosing Wines

For those who have their minds set on a romantic outing a red wine would do nicely. Low alcohol levels, smooth taste and budgets to suit all pockets are some of the big pluses of red wines. Or you are heartbroken, a  relationship just gone bust, then a bottle of red wine from Oaks & Corks is just the thing for you. It’s a perfect choice that helps you need to relax and cool down.

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