5 Ways Google Paid Ads Can Help Your Business

By  //  November 8, 2020

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Google paid ads are one of the best ways to generate revenue for your business.  Any business, large or small, can work with different budgets to different advertising goals.

So what can you do with Google paid ads? You can bid to display brief text advertisements or advertise your service or product listings to video to web users. To not make use of this would be a major mistake.

Here are the 5 ways that Google paid ads can benefit your business:

■ Brand Awareness

Google paid ads is a great advertising tool to build a brand’s awareness. It’s important to communicate your brand’s value to potential consumers. From your logo to ad copy and extensions, your brand will be more reputable to consumers.

Start off with establishing your campaign goals. These goals can be video views, social page likes, to post engagement.

There’s no right or wrong answer for what campaign objective you choose but some might be more influential than others. So this makes it a great tool to measure your brand’s campaign. All of this combined can help build your business reputation and create consumer loyalty.

Not only that, you can compare your business to similar competitors to see how you stack up. In doing so, you can see what is and isn’t working and can be adjusted to business’ needs.

■ Targeting

Depending on the type of business you have, Google paid ads can help define a target audience you want to reach. With that in mind, your advertising will be more relevant to bring in a specific consumer to your business. The intent is also a very big part of targeting, you’re not going to advertise on social media when people are only looking for vacation photos.

You want consumers to come to you because they are searching for something specific. When your ad comes up, it helps the consumer find the answer they’re looking for. So it’s beneficial to use search ads, this puts you in a better position to have prospective customers find you and earn their business.

■ See Results

Google paid ads can be used together with Google analytics. With these two combined, you can measure how well your marketing campaign and overall business is doing. You can see consumer behavior, from what they clicked, where they went next, and how long they are spending on your website.

In Google analytics, you can see the performance of your brand campaign goals, e-commerce and multi-channel funnels. Seeing real-time data can also help adjust your business strategy.

■ Control of budget

Whether you’re a small mom and pop shop or a big corporation, Google paid ads allow you to control where to allocate money towards certain advertisements. For example, if one of your advertisements isn’t performing well, then you can decrease ad spend.

And vice versa, if you have an ad that is doing well, then you can spend more to increase the desired results. In the worst-case scenario, if no ad is performing the way you want them to, then you can stop at any time before you waste money. So don’t be afraid to experiment with what works and doesn’t work for your business. This will help prevent future headaches of overspending.

■ Long-tail keywords

To get people to come to your website, consider using long tailed keywords. Long-tail keywords phrases are made up of three or more words and are more specific than short-tail keywords. The more specific, the more you’ll reach searchers who are likely to buy, call, or visit your business.

For example, if you want people to know about your bodybuilding gym in your area, don’t bid on short-tail keywords such as “gym” or “workout.”

Try using long-tailed keywords such as “bodybuilding gym” followed by your location – this will drive more traffic to your website. And if you’re new to all this, Google paid ads has a keyword planner that can help you pick out long-tail keywords.

Overall, Google paid ads is a great tool to help measure and scale your business to bring in more customers. And whether you’re familiar with this type of advertising or not, there are plenty of marketing agencies, such as Rockstar Marketing, that can maximise your business’ performance.