Advantages of Living in an IGBC Certified Green Building

By  //  November 29, 2020

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When people talk about buying a residential property, you’ll find that everyone puts their emphasis on the location as a primary prerequisite. Of course, this aspect is typically known to trump all others.

But what about the quality of life itself?

Location has more to do with the external affairs of a residential project. However, at the end of the day, it’s about choosing flats for sale in Kolkata that put your needs at the centre and your wellbeing as a priority. But on a larger note, it’s also about choosing a destination that leaves no adverse impacts on the environment.

In our quest to live an advanced lifestyle, it is imperative that we do not compromise the needs of the future in the process. After all, we’re all residents of the same earth and it becomes our responsibility to practice sustainable and green living.

This is best recognized by IGBC Green Building Certified homes.

So let’s take a look and see what these are all about.

The Question of Sustainability: Why Opt for IGBC Green Buildings?

Being India’s first rating program, Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) Green Homes are used exclusively for the residential sector. It is an initiative taken by the government in the hopes of creating eco-friendly residential properties that balances accepted energy and environmental principles and the expected quality of life.

To expand further, it’s about keeping these certain aspects in mind:

■ Efficient use of site resources

■ Conservation of water

■ Energy efficiency

■ Correct way of handling waste

Optimum material utilization

When these fall into place, it can also work to enhance the health and wellbeing of the occupants itself! While the advantages of flats on EM Bypass, Kolkata, might be known to all, the benefits of IGBC buildings might not be tangible or easily recognizable to tenants. But believe it, there are few crucial advantages that you really ought to know.

Offering a mix of benefits, here’s what to expect with IGBC Certified flats for sale in Kolkata:

Water and energy conservation:

Not just in India, but the scarcity of water is an issue that deserves worldwide attention due to its importance in daily life. IGBC Certified Green Buildings are a small step forward to responsible living. As a matter of fact, did you know that 30 – 50% of water is saved? Through recycling the water which is already used, water is saved considerably.

But it doesn’t end there.

Up to 20 – 30% of energy can also be saved with Green Buildings that are IGBC Certified. By the use of energy-efficient electrical and lighting devices, people can reduce the consumption of natural resources while also saving on the dreaded electricity bill!

Proper water management:

Often overlooked, the disposal of waste in the right manner is crucial to both nature and mankind. IGBC has reacted to this scenario by making it compulsory for all IGBC Certified Green Buildings to have a waste treatment system in place.

Hence, organic waste as well as household disposables are subject to proper treatment after use. You’ll be glad to hear that these structures have eliminated all solid waste from going to dumping grounds and landfills. Keeping this in mind, adopting and promoting green and sustainable real estate will benefit our earth in the long run while addressing key concerns of the nation.

Better health and wellbeing:

You can expect healthier spaces inside an IGBC Green Building compared to the conventional flats in South Kolkata. Besides reducing water and energy consumption, IGBC Green Buildings lead to significantly healthier living as well as a better living experience for families.

It is especially known to deliver enhanced indoor air quality. This is seen by the installation of operable windows for maximum penetration of sunlight and by the reduced use of materials that may compromise health. By lowering our exposure to toxins and prioritizing safer materials, it’s no surprise that more and more people are opting for IGBC Certified flats for sale in Kolkata.

As per statistics, almost 14 lakh houses in India have opted for the tag of ‘Green Building’!

Moreover, here’s what V Suresh, chairman of the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), had to say:

“We want to make India number one in the world by having 10 billion sq ft of green building footprint. Currently, there are 25 ratings under IGBC for buildings. All buildings in India should have green components and that is what we are now targeting. We have already achieved 6.33 billion sq ft and will successfully reach our target by 2022.”

With an expectation of reaching 10 billion sq. ft. green building footprint by the year 2022, this will in turn increase the green footprint by roughly 10%. As rightfully said, India needs a “green revolution” where our needs no longer pose a threat to natural resources or the environment.

Green buildings are perhaps the best way to carry out this vision while also balancing our standard of life.

Popular names in real estate like Sugam Homes have followed suit and created masterpieces that carry out this vision. With Morya’s flats in South Kolkata and Sugam Habitat’s homes in EM Bypass, expect a lifestyle that keeps the needs of your family as well as the needs of the environment intact. You’ll find a vast array of advantages of choosing esteemed projects such as these in Kolkata.

So play your part and opt for an IGBC Certified Green Building!