Becoming an Astronaut Student: What You Should Know

By  //  November 21, 2020

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Are you fascinated by space movies, journals, discoveries, and ASTRONAUTS? Would you love to become a student astronaut but have the faintest idea of what it entails? Do you know that there’s been a wide application of students aspiring to become astronauts by NASA?

Well, after the graduation of the first Artemis class in early 2020, NASA announced the applications for interested students. Here are other things to know to get you started.

Application To NASA Internship & STEM Clubs

Your first surest ticket to getting started as an astronaut student is a NASA Internship program. 95% of professional astronauts enrolled in an internship program at some point in their career.

Some even go the extra mile to getting applied to NASA Internship both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. You get an overview of your life as a space technologist with these internships. Also, you get first-hand knowledge from professionals in the field.

Even when aspirants mostly start interning from college, you can kick-start your dream with STEM classes. From high school, scholars who have always been passionate about the space get involved with STEM.

Ideally, that should be where the mindset of this out-of-the-world career is being cultivated. For your majors in high school, go with math, science, and take a few programming classes. Ensure you’re always part of a STEM-related class or club in high school.

Attend Science and Engineering Fairs 

Every astronaut in training would need all the knowledge they can gather from seminars, lectures, and internships. However, the only legalized platform outside your classroom for showcasing your hard work are fairs.

Science and engineering fairs are the perfect networking platforms for aspiring astronauts. They help you not only show your peers what you’re capable of but also draw inspiration from other participants.

Take advantage of the numerous science and engineering festivals around you for a glimpse of the space world. Scholars should prepare to gain as much from these fairs as they are willing to share.

Other participants like you have had to work on theories and numerous experiments to achieve their results. Ask questions about their projects to get a real-life application of scientific theories and speculations.

Find The Career Path You Love

Several career paths take astronauts to space. You just need to find the one you love and research the career journey and requirements. Career guide experts like engage high school and university students in career path essay writing.

These essay samples serve as pointers to scholars looking to find their career path in astronomy. With these essays, students get to share their passion for aviation and robotics.

Note that being an engineer is not a mandated requirement to becoming an astronaut. Perhaps you have engaged in conversations with some of your science-loving friends and thought otherwise.

As the major body of astronomy, NASA accepts, needs, and encourages astronaut scholars from different walks of life. Biologists, teachers, geologists, doctors, service members, and other careers are needed in space. Irrespective of what career you choose, ensure it is what you love.

Participate In Artemis Student Challenges & Attend ASTRO CAMP

Many aspiring astronauts do not know about Artemis Student Challenges. Little do they know that this challenge contributes greatly to NASA’s mission. These challenges vary and are available to scholars from middle school to college.

We have the Human Exploration Rover Challenge, Lunabotics, First Nations Launch, and SUITS to mention a few. These challenges exist to ensure creativity and an avenue to showcase the application of space exploration.

Are you a young explorer looking to get a real-life experience of the lessons and topics from the classroom? Take advantage of the ASTRO and Space Camp programs created and affiliated to NASA today.

As an astronaut student, you can attend these camp programs from middle school to college. At a young age, the camps teach the basics of math and science; and explore fun camping exercises and discoveries.


The process of studying to become a scholar of astronomy isn’t as complicated as most kids have dreamt before now. Another major part of your journey to studying as an astronaut is staying physically active.

You need to be as mentally and physically fit to engage in the training of becoming a space scientist. Also, stay up-to-date by subscribing to NASA EXPRESS to ensure you don’t miss out on the weekly newsletter. Take action towards your dream today!