Corporate Wellness: Happy Melon Provides Peace and Productivity

By  //  November 8, 2020

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Now more than ever, a happy workforce is difficult to sustain. To complicate the matter more, employers and employees have got other things on their mind when it comes to their business.

But that is the reason that we need to take time to think about the wellness of everyone in the workplace, and not overlook it as though it will not be a problem.

Stress levels are at an all-time high, and most people have that stress at the forefront of their minds. It can be challenging to leave that feeling at home, too.

That makes now a better time than ever to invest in a meaningful and impacting wellness program for your business, and Happy Melon is at the cutting edge of the industry.

How Does Corporate Wellness Affect Your Business?

The bigger, more pertinent question that people should be asking is; how does not having corporate wellness affect businesses?

A productive workforce is much more than a group of individuals with a similar business aim. It is more a collection of people with similar feelings and thoughts that all have a positive approach to the work that they do.

Right now, nearly 70% of all employees are disengaged with their work, and the primary reason is a feeling of lack of appreciation. Those feelings are what create a bad working atmosphere and a corporate unwellness.

Turning those feelings upside down, Happy Melon is actively engaging with businesses to provide them with corporate wellness programs to encourage a feeling of self-empowerment. Using mind and body techniques in combination with each other, will promote peace and productivity in any workplace.

The costs of absenteeism are huge. More than $44 billion are lost every year in the Australian economy alone due to people being off work sick, and the cost of presenteeism is almost as high, standing at $35 billion.

One of the more astonishing facts is that only 20% of all Australian employees are concerned about presenteeism. That can lead to huge losses in any industry where your employees are not fit, healthy and happy.

Using Corporate Wellness To Yours, and your Employees Benefit

Genuinely caring about making a positive difference by cultivating and nurturing physically and mentally strong individuals is the most significant way to reduce the costs that are engulfing the Australian and global economy through sickness.

Fitness and mental health have a direct correlation to the happiness of individuals. Furthermore, happiness has a direct link to the productivity and creativity of those same people.

Corporate wellness is a method to gain those benefits for all of your staff, creating a happy, more engaging, more creative workforce, thus a better business to work for.

To top it off, when you have a business that considers the health of its employees, they are a lot less susceptible to attrition and more likely to employ people with a real urge to work for you as a company, instead of just within the industry.

As soon as you see the personal and business benefits of corporate wellness for yourself, you will wonder why you didn’t take up the challenge earlier.