Diego Ruiz Durán: Advice To Lawyers In 2021

By  //  November 4, 2020

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Simply put, being a lawyer like Diego Ruiz Duran has had many challenges. He has pursued many vehicles on education to become the successful leader he is to this day. His extreme passion for law and justice is transparent to not only his clients but his peers.

He studied at some of the most prestigious universities in the world like Harvard University, University of Oxford, and University of Cambridge. His dedication has been very present in his day to day life not only in his personal life but also his professional career.

In addition, he was a legal intern at White & Castle LLP, and Associate at Mijares, Angoitia, Cortes y Fuentes, S.C.C., Associate at Nassar, Nassar & Associated, S.c. and many more in the last twenty years.

His success has been paramount not only in his home country of Mexico, but all around the world.

The reason he is the way he is is because of the experience that has been so valuable to him.  Duran highly recommends getting as much experience as possible prior to pursuing a career.

The more a person understands a certain industry, especially law, the better chance they have at being more proactive during it.

According to Taste Terminal, Duran believes that starting a schedule is the best way to adapt to the world we live in.

In this regard, he simply means that in order to be a leader in the law industry, staying organized and building networks is the best way to be ahead. Duran has had many cases in which he does not know what to do with a client.

There have been times where he needed a mentor because it was simply too overwhelming for him to comprehend a certain case. That being said, with the assistance  of his professors or peers, he was successful in all his endeavors.

Although Diego is constantly being rewarded for his good works and successful cases, he understands that none of it would be possible without the assistance he gained during his time interning and educating himself.

One of the biggest takeaways Diego has kept near to his heart is the act of giving. He believes that a client is always the first priority. The more a lawyer can give to their client then better the professional relationship will develop.

Thus, networks will start to grow and people from all over the world will knock at your door. Although Duran has very high profile clients, he treats them all with the same respect and understanding.

No matter who a person is, he ensures they will get the best results. This is not because of their status or wealth, it is because Duran wants to be the best lawyer he can for a client.

That ideal travels with Diego Ruiz Duran in every situation he encounters. Being a reliable lawyer, friend, and companion is extremely important to him and his lifestyle. He encourages others who practice law or are part of a justice system to be as unbiased as possible in regards to any situation.

The less emotional attachment a person makes to a case, the better the results will be. It’s a psychosocial fact that people get emotional based on personal experience and connections from the past.

Diego says that confidence with the client is always important to make those connections, however, in the court it’s critical to stand up strong and show no weakness in front of the judge.

There is such a high regard for lawyers like Diego Ruiz Duran because of his immense experience with clients all over the world. According to Abogados, Duran is being celebrated for his extreme dissertation to his craft by getting awarded one of the Best Lawyers In Mexico 2020.

He always suggests that people need to remain confident and collected when they are delivering information to clients and in the court. Overall, his experience has made him the man he is today and he appreciates the kindness people showed him when he first started.

“Starting off in this industry is always the hardest part, that is why when someone needs help or connections, I always offer my hand.” –  Diego Ruiz Duran