Fantasy Baseball: Star Players in the MLB 2020

By  //  November 8, 2020

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Major League Baseball has undoubtedly become one of the most anticipated sports in the globe. With a total of 30 teams and 162 games for the entire season, this industry is also one of the biggest organizations in the sport’s history. However, this year’s season was delayed until July because of the global pandemic.

As of October, the MLB has reached the climax of the season. It is Tampa Bay Rays versus the Los Angeles Dodgers competing for the 2020 World series. Baseball enthusiasts are all excited to see who will dominate the arena.

They have been keeping up with the latest updates about the games. However, there are also other ways to keep your thrills up high besides watching the live games.

Fantasy baseball is one way to participate in Major League Baseball. Because of the limited interaction due to the pandemic, you can still place a safe bet via online betting.

All you need to do is come up with a baseball team of your choice and compete against other owners. To do this, you’ll need to have a strategy and a perfect lineup. So, who are the star players of MLB 2020 that you’ll need for your fantasy baseball?

First Baseman

This position became less multidimensional over the years. People have been less interested in first basemen with the decreasing batting averages and dropping stolen base attempts.

However, choosing a star player or a quality 1B is never a loss in your strategy. Try selecting the best 1B in the MLB 2020 in your play on FanDuel.

The star first basemen in the MLB 2020 are Cody Bellinger, Pete Alonso, Freddie Freeman, and Paul Goldschmidt. They have the highest batting averages and the most stolen bases, based on their performance last season.

However, if you want someone from the lower tier, you might want to consider Max Muncy, Miguel Sano, and Christian Walker.

Second Baseman

Selecting a second baseman is never a problem. There will always be a quality player that can work with your lineup or strategy. Most 2Bs nowadays have good batting averages and high-steals.

Moreover, you can choose any 2B at a reasonable value in your lineup. Thus, you can be quite flexible when selecting a 2B.

The top tier is Jonathan Villar and Dee Gordon, as they have the most powerful batting averages and highest steal bases in the roster.

If you’re willing to risk it, you might want to consider Garrett Hampson and Nick Madrigal. They have the potential and skills. They just need daily playing time.

Third Baseman

Drafting a top-tier third baseman in the early and finishing matchups is a common strategy. It might be common, but it still works. Most 3Bs nowadays have accomplished splendid home runs.

With that, there is a depreciating amount of steal bases. Regardless, it is wise to stack quality players for your third basemen. They can change the course of your matchups.

You might want to consider Yandy Diaz, Yoshi Tsutsugo, and Nick Solak for your lineup. Though they are considered sleepers, they have a promising performance during games.

All they need is daily playing time to better your odds when choosing them. Austin Riley, Jon Berti, and Carter Kieboom are also good 3Bs. Draft them in the third to the fifth round of your matchups.


Unlike 1B and 3B, the amount of shortstops in MLB 2020 is few to scarce. Thus, most online bettors plan their entire strategy and lineup based on the available player for this position.

Keep an eye for a quality shortstop that is either good at base steals or has a power-speed combination. Then, compensate for the lacking skill with other playing positions.

Alex Bregman, Whit Merrifield, and Adalberto Mondesi are the top picks for this player position. However, these players are also eligible for other positions, so always reassess your cheat drafts and lineup.

Francisco Lindor, Fernando Tatis Jr, and Trevor Story are next in line for the shortstop’s position. Expect high ownership of these players during matchups.


Just like the shortstop, choosing an outfield is a difficult decision. You’ll need to readjust your strategy and lineup, depending on the outfield you have chosen.

So, to be in a safe spot, select someone with the power-speed combination and high steals. Ultimately, choose someone that works well with your strategy.

Kyle Schawrber, Ramon Laureno, Starling Marte, and Austin Meadows are the top tiers for the outfielders. They have the best performance based on the last season. Moreover, expect high ownership for these players during matchups. You might also want to consider Kyle Tucker, Oscar Mercado, and Aristides Aquino.


It’s not too late to enjoy the game while earning a little on the side. You’ll have to study a bit more to know about other strategies. Also, watching the news and reading related articles can improve your chances of winning. Remember that there is no guarantee of winning. However, you’ll have better odds during matchups.

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