Football Highlights and Where to Check Them

By  //  November 11, 2020

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As they say, football truly is an emotion. It is one of those sports that sweeps you off of your feet and transports you into a different place altogether.

For those of you who don’t know, football is a global sport that is played between two teams. You’re required to kick the ball around with your feet and shoot into the opposite team’s net.

It gets you a score which is cumulated over the length of the game to decide the overall winner of the game.

A relatively simple idea but one that binds nations together, arguably better than any other human invention ever has. It can be argued that it’s just as much fun to watch a game of football as it is to be a player on the field, dribbling past the opposition.

This is why SBOBET repeatedly report the growing number of football fans trying their luck in betting on their favorite teams.

Football – A spectator’s Sport

Football is a spectator sport. It attracts swathes of people in stadiums across the world for a glimpse of their favorite matches and athletes. The advent of television in the late 1900s truly revolutionized the football viewing experience for a massive chunk of the audience.

Earlier, the viewers used to rely on radio broadcasts to get their daily dose of football entertainment. But after the television came along, they could not only hear but also see their favorite players battle it out in the playing arena, which gave a whole new dimension to the viewing experience. Even more changed when websites like GclubTop went live.

Why Watch the Highlights?

Any football aficionado will agree that there’s no thrill in life that equals that of watching two heavyweights battle it out in the football arena.

However, as much as you might want to watch the live telecast of the game, life tends to get in between. It can be work, and it can be your friend’s birthday or even an emergency of some kind. The point is that you can’t always rely on the live telecast to quench your thirst for quality football viewing.

It is where highlights come in. Highlights are repeated telecasts of the best moments from the game. Say, your favorite player hit a beautiful overhead cross which was then shot straight into the opposition’s net.

But you somehow managed to miss it. Now you’re cursing yourself as to why you went into the kitchen at that very moment.

Ask yourself, wouldn’t you want to view that ethereal moment? Highlights help you do just that. You can watch the same shot from multiple different angles, at different speeds.

The repeated telecast is often enhanced with infographics, for some of you football nerds out there, to understand the subtle nuances of the goal that you just saw.

Where to Check Highlights?

Now that you understand why highlights are so valuable to the football viewing experience, you should know where you can check those highlights for yourself. 2 websites, in particular, serve you quality highlights and won’t disappoint.

1. Buaksib – This website is perfect for the football aficionados out there who prefer depth in their analyses. In its football highlights section it provides one with all the requisite data regarding the match, including the number of goals and number of attempts to name a few. You can also keep a consistent track of the ongoing match analytics. Each match is followed by detailed analyses by one of the experts in their team, which are honestly eye-opening. Check out Buaksib if you prefer more depth in your daily dose of football highlights.

2. HooFoot – The other great option you have for checking highlights on the web is the HooFoot platform. This one is a little light on the detail aspect of the analyses but is filled with incredible insights into the subtle technicalities in the game. You can always keep a check on the score and what the experts are predicting based on the current analytics. Or you can read about past games to understand a bit more about some of the renowned moments in football history. HooFoot is a must-visit for every football enthusiast.

Apart from these, and are also great choices as these also provide you with quality content. But you might need one of the VPN services to browse these websites from different countries.


Football is a sport in which every moment matters, which is why knowing where to check your highlights is of utmost importance. Well, fortunately, this article provides you with some of the best websites out there for your pleasure. Let the spirit of football prevail!

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