How Attorneys Specializing in Men’s Rights are Different From Other Divorce Lawyers

By  //  November 9, 2020

Although those who are outside of the legal community tend to think that all lawyers are skilled in every facet of the law, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, most lawyers focus on just a few types of law. Nevertheless, when it comes to seeking out legal advice, it is important to know that the various sectors of law are vastly different from one another and that in order to get the proper legal advice, you must be able to find the right law firm to seek advice from.

For instance, although there may be some overlap, men’s rights lawyers are vastly different from lawyers that specialize in divorce. With that in mind, here is a look at the differences between the two.

What are men’s rights lawyers?

Men’s rights law is a relatively new sector within the legal field. Those who practice this type of law focus on various issues that affect men, specifically.

For instance, the following is a list of some of the more common areas men’s rights lawyers focus on:

• Paternity: One of the top things men’s rights lawyers focus on is the matter of paternity. This is a much-needed service for many men across the country. Despite the fact that men and women supposedly have equal rights in terms of parenthood, courts often side with mothers over fathers in issues such as custody battles. Having a lawyer who specializes in paternal rights specifically, gives fathers a huge leg up.

• Abuse: Additionally, abuse also tends to be a very one-sided issue in the court of law. This is due to the fact that women’s abuse is often taken very seriously, while abuse against men is often taken lightly. However, by hiring a lawyer who specializes in abuse against men, many men are finally getting justice in matters that would have otherwise been ignored.

• Financial: Moreover, many court proceedings also favor women in terms of money matters. This is because, in the past, men were considered the breadwinners, while women were the caretakers and homemakers. Since things have obviously changed in terms of gender roles, having lawyers who specialize in men’s rights can help men to receive payments or to pay less in instances that would have otherwise been entirely in favor of the woman.

What are divorce lawyers?

On the other hand, although there may be divorce lawyers who have helped many men throughout their careers, their main focus is on divorce. This means that they may not be totally abreast of all of the laws in terms of men’s rights.

Divorce attorneys that specialize in helping men can be quite beneficial for men who are going through a divorce. However, that’s about as far as it goes. If the man is experiencing issues that do not involve divorce, seeking out a men’s right lawyer is likely a much better option.

In particular, you can go to divorce lawyers for help with:

• Annulments: If you have married someone who had misled you in some way, you may be able to have it annulled. Unlike a divorce, this essentially means that the marriage is erased and treated as though it never even happened.

• Legal separation: If you are interested in being separated from your marriage partner, but are not quite ready for a divorce, a legal separation is a great method of addressing this. It allows you to establish boundaries and to ensure that everything is legal and agreed upon by both parties.

• Child custody: If you and your partner cannot agree on a custody agreement on your own, a court may need to help you decide whether you will have primary custody, joint custody, or some other arrangement that works best for the child and parents.

• Visitation: Additionally, if one of you ends up being a non-custodial parent, the courts can help you set up the various visitation times and well as help enforce them.

• Child support: Lastly, if requested, the custodial parent can pursue fees to help them care for the child(ren) in question. Child support can help ensure that the child is well taken care of no matter where they live.

What is the difference between divorce lawyers and men’s rights lawyers?

In short, men’s rights lawyers focus on issues that affect men, while divorce lawyers focus on matters in relation to divorce only. Although there may be some overlap, it is best to get a divorce attorney for divorce, and a men’s rights attorney if you have a non-divorce-related issue that involves your manhood in some capacity.

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