How to Find Legit Celebrity Autographs and Memorabilia Online

By  //  November 16, 2020

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With the explosion in celebrity memorabilia popularity, especially in an age in which it is difficult to have in-person interactions with your favorite celebs, collectors have been looking for ways to find authentic versions of these items. The advent of the Internet created the potential to access more authentic autographs and memorabilia than ever before.

Finding celebrity autographs and memorabilia is now as simple as paying a visit to an online auction site. However, determining their authenticity remains a difficult task until the item is delivered to you. This article discusses the ways you can find authentic celebrity autographs and memorabilia online.

• Conduct an Online Search

To find the most suitable merchant, you should search for a list of online merchants. Online searches can be easily conducted via a query on a search engine. Ensure to input the related keywords for the specific autograph type you wish to buy. For example, if you’re looking for movie autographs, your search query could be ‘top online platforms for movie autographs.’

You can also browse through the various celebrity memorabilia sites available on the Internet and search for the specific items you wish to buy.

• Consider Each Dealer’s Reputation

When looking for authentic celebrity autographs and memorabilia, you will need to keep in mind the dealer’s reputation. You will want to ask questions about the piece, which will help you better understand the piece’s history and value.

If the seller is unwilling to discuss this with you, you will most likely want to purchase something else that they may be selling. Another tip is to read past autograph reviews on the item that you plan on purchasing.

• Compare Prices

Celebrity autographs considerably increase the value of the items they’re penned on. Therefore, you shouldn’t expect an exceptionally low price for your favorite autographs. To determine authentic ones, compare the prices from your list of autograph dealers.

If an item has been in the news recently for any reason, you should be aware of the piece’s current status. It will help you determine a seller’s credibility and if the items are worth the asking price attached to them.

A price comparison can also help you lower your purchase cost in the case of merchants who wish to exploit you for your finances. After collecting a sufficient list of prices from multiple merchants, you can choose the most viable price within your budget.

• Establish Provenance

The process of confirming the authenticity of your desired autograph should be a top priority. One of the first things to find out about an autograph is provenance. Provenance provides you information on the source and origin of the autograph. Authorized dealers ensure easy access to this information either upon request or in the product description.

They understand that knowing this information about your intended purchase can put you at rest on its legitimacy. Examples of provenance include providing the original receipts of purchase that date many decades back or proving an item was a part of a very popular collection some years ago.

However, you must learn the difference between a telltale story and a provenance. Forged autographs also come with a background story or an affiliation to a non-existing collection. Confirm the details in the provenance to ensure it’s a legit item of purchase.

• Check for Consistency with Other Authentic Items

This phase requires a greater level of inquisition into the authenticity of the item. You can either look for an existing version of similarly signed autographs by the same celebrity or look for an isolated version of the celebrity’s signature online. Wikipedia is an example of websites that publish celebrity signatures online.

Other consistent markers may include the type of ink, paper, and pen used in a particular era. Hence, you should read more about the period when the autograph was done. For example, wood pulp-based paper was introduced around 1840 and has experienced constant refining to date. The same applies to other writing media with pens starting with quill pens to metal-tipped nib pens down to the much-improved ballpoint pens used to date.

• Conduct Further Forgery-Avoidance Inspection

There are basic ways to conduct further inspection of the autograph you wish to buy. Regardless of inconsistency in repetition, there’s a flow to personal signatures. They neither require much care, nor do they lack a consistent flow.

Check signatures for breaks, which are often proof of hesitation. Consider when you write your signature at once every time, so will a celebrity do the same. Where breaks are existent in a signature, they’ll be in all the signatures you can find.

You can also consider having a friend or experienced collector help to confirm your thoughts about any signature you’re unsure about. Ensure to be open-minded but also meticulous in your forgery-avoidance inspection.

• Buy with a Certificate of Authenticity

Many celebrities now have their authentication services, and authorized autograph dealers must always sell their autographs with a certificate of authenticity. You should never buy from any website that lacks a certificate of authenticity to go with your purchase.

Certificates of authenticity are obtained by the dealer from a reputable third party. The most recognized certificates of authenticity are issued by James Spence Authentication (JSA) and the Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) card.

JSA authenticators are said to have witnessed a celebrity sign the item you’re about to buy. The best stores always invite JSA representatives to examine their collection or send it to them for a check.


Celebrity autographs and memorabilia purchases are no longer limited to physical stores but also online platforms. To find the authentic versions, it’s important to conduct an online search and create a list of dealers you may be interested in.

Take your time to consider each dealer’s reputation on your list and proceed to sort through your list based on individual prices on each platform. Conduct checks by establishing the autograph’s provenance, check for consistency with other verified units and carry out further inspection to avoid forgery. Finally, ensure to purchase your autographs from a platform that issues verified certificates of authenticity.