Is It Possible to Play Slots on Smartwatches?

By  //  November 11, 2020

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The current advancement in the technology of the gambling sector is an absolute shock. Playing slots on a desktop computer would have sounded like a pipe dream a few decades ago, and now free online mobile games are a common feature.

You can easily find Gonzo’s Quest Megaways free play mode for mobile devices at any slot games review site. The excitement has now gone a notch higher with the dawn of smartwatch slots.

It is possible to play your favorite slots on a smartwatch! The convenience of taking your phone out of your pockets to play can be replaced or compromised by the simplicity of shifting your eyes to your watch.

Wearable technology is quickly becoming vibrant and more people are purchasing these devices to enjoy their excellent innovative features. They have become your fitness partners, casino and social partners, etc.

The smartwatches currently available are the following:

Moto 360

Samsung Gear Live

Sony Smartwatch 3

LG G Watch R

ASUS ZenWatch


Apple Watch

Slots made a smoother and easier entry into the online realm compared to other gambling games. The reason could be their simple and straightforward gameplays that are less complex to create.

The developers only have to concentrate on coming up with great themes, executing them with cutting-edge graphics, and making them adaptable to the smaller screens. This will help them keep up with the latest technologies.

How to Play Slots on Smartwatches

Slots are usually the easiest casino games since they essentially involve adjusting your bets and spinning the reels. You can also opt for other advanced features like the Autoplay, Turbo/Quick Spin, or Bet Max.

Playing on your smartwatch is just as easy as playing on your PC or mobile phone; the only difference is the size of the screen.

The first step is to shop around for a good smartwatch that supports online casino gambling. Then, you should find an online casino that offers smartwatch slots.

Even though there may not be so many slots made specifically for these devices, you can find a good selection in the top casinos.

These steps will allow you to play slots on your watch:

Go to your preferred online casino and sign in via your smartphone;

Pair your phone with your watch using the QR code or the stated method;

Download and install the mobile casino app onto your smartphone;

Open the app on your phone, which will, in turn, enable the smartwatch to download and install it;

Select a game on the smartwatch and play!

Sometimes, it can be as easy as going to the internet browser in your smartwatch, accessing your online casino, and playing. You must ensure that you do comprehensive research so that you get the best smartwatch for gambling.

Game Variety

The game variety is limited since the era of smartwatch slots is barely half a decade old. Microgaming became the first developer to create games that are adaptive to smartwatches.

The company created Thunderstruck in 2015, which is one of the most popular Ancient Greek themed slots for smartwatches. It simplified the process by allowing you to change the betting settings by touching the screen.

Other transactions like making deposits and withdrawals are done with the help of your phone. The same developer created Dark Knight Rises adaptable to smartwatches and it is the same amazing.

The use of smartwatches as a secondary device to a smartphone is the most common practice, and it allows you to carry out the tasking activities via your phone.

However, there are a few that are coming fully equipped with an internet browser. Hence, they will allow you to access an online casino just as you would on a mobile phone, and play a wide variety of fantastic slots like the Choco Reels slot.

It could be a big challenge to use such a device to deposit cash, set bets, play slots, and withdraw your cash. However, as the devices become more and more sophisticated, this is no longer a problem.

Over the years, innovations have experienced steady growth. This is seen from the trend that online and mobile gambling took. They all started out with a lot of skepticism and are currently multibillion-dollar industries.

Similarly, more and more developers are embracing this tech and creating slots that are fully adapted to them. Hence, you will find a large selection of smartwatch slots soon.

Why Should You Play Smartwatch Slots?

The smartwatch slots are very intriguing to play. These devices are so small yet so powerful; therefore, they can allow the slots to function seamlessly. They facilitate quick access to your favorite slots that can be entertaining. Smartwatches are relatively expensive; thus, finding more things to do using smartwatches is an absolute thriller.

With such convenience, it can be fun to learn new slots by playing them for free straight from your smartphone. It is fun to play these games, practice your slots, and learn everything you need to know before taking a real gamble. Practice makes perfect, so this opportunity will improve your odds of winning when you play for real cash.

Lastly, the smartwatch slots also offer a perfect opportunity to win real money. They have been optimized to function reliably on these devices, thus, allowing you to play slots and win.

Cons of Smartwatch Slots

The first disadvantage of smartwatch slots is the compressed screen. It can be challenging to know exactly what is going on. You might not know how much you are betting and the settings you have chosen unless you take a very close look, which may be strenuous.

However, it will be much easier as you become more familiar with them. This problem will soon be outdated since more developers are creating smartwatch-optimized slots, which will be simplified to work well on these devices.

Secondly, the smartwatches are relatively new; therefore, it is not easy to ascertain whether they will facilitate smooth and seamless slots gambling.

Nevertheless, you will rarely experience any technical difficulties if you play on a good device. Ensure that you check reviews and choose a device that works best for gamblers.

However, these cons should not deter you from playing on your smartwatch.

Choosing the Best Casinos for Smartwatch Slots

The choice of casino is critical if you are planning to have an unforgettable experience playing smartwatch slots. Firstly, you should choose a casino that offers a wide variety of slots from the leading software providers.

Since Microgaming was the first one to show the intention of venturing into these games, it is prudent to choose a casino that has it among its developers.

The casino should also have reliable customer support that is available 24/7 to answer all your queries in your preferred language. It should facilitate quick deposits and withdrawals by having several payment options. Then, the casino must be proven fair and secure to prevent any unnecessary risks.

Lastly, you must ascertain that the casino is trustworthy. It should hold valid licenses from respectable bodies like the UK Gambling Commission or/and the Malta Gambling Authority, among others.

You should read reviews and then go to the casino to find all the information you need. Since smartwatches are often extension devices of smartphones, the preferred casino should have a reliable mobile casino with an app that can be linked to the watch. This will facilitate smartwatch gambling.

Smartwatch gaming is proving to be the next big innovation in the gambling sector. Developers are creating slots that are specially designed to work on these devices, so the experience is likely to get better.

The online and mobile gambling sector has substantially evolutionized over the years, so making it smartwatch-friendly will not be an exception.