KeenEthics Explains How You Can Advance Your Healthcare Routine with Mobile Apps

By  //  November 4, 2020

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Technologies are becoming an indispensable part of our lives. Teenagers born in the 21-st century can hardly imagine how the world looked like before the Internet’s rise. Today, we use phones to order food, purchase goods, and even pay our bills.

Since technologies bring so many benefits to our daily routine, they can also be used to improve our health. Whether you are a client of healthcare services or a doctor – a mobile phone can become a useful tool for advancing your healthcare routine!

Apps for Healthcare Providers

First of all, let’s review the advantages that mobile applications bring for doctors. Usually, when people hear the phrase “healthcare app,” they immediately think about patients as primary users. But what about the other side of the context?

Today, the m-Health market is represented by a variety of mobile applications targeted at physicians and hospitals. Healthcare providers can use their mobile phones to make the working process more comfortable.

If you review the list of apps available on the App Store or Google Play, you will find numerous healthcare applications. Depending on your purpose and budget, you can either choose free apps or purchase the one that will help you grow professionally.

Do you know that apps can give you access to knowledge databases and help record patients’ data? Have a look at the picture below. Here, you can see the image of the app called Medscape. Available at the App Store, it provides physicians with access to free healthcare information.

Functioning as a medical news service, Medscape encourages a proactive approach and self-learning. The app will be useful for any healthcare provider because of the increasing need for professional self-development. Using Medscape will save you both time and effort. There will be no need for you to surf the Internet and collect medical facts from different websites.

Or you can consider another healthcare application demonstrated above. The one is called Muscle Trigger Point Anatomy. It gives healthcare providers the chance to reach muscle trigger points in the human body with the help of a mobile phone.

To put it simply, the app will make it easier for you to detect tight places in a patient’s body that might be the reason for pain.

Since the application is available in both the App Store and Google Play, you can check and download it immediately. Hence, if you are a healthcare provider, using different mobile apps can be a way to enhance productivity and manage information effectively.

Apps for Patients

Now, let’s see how the situation looks like from the viewpoint of a patient. Frankly speaking, patients are provided with a greater variety of mobile applications. They can order medicines, set up a doctor’s appointment, search for symptoms, and control different health indicators with the help of their phones.

Patients get a lot of benefits if they integrate their healthcare routine into their mobile phones. Do you always forget to take a pill? No problem! Mobile applications are here to help you make your life easier by setting a reminder.

Or maybe you want to know what distance you walked yesterday? Tracking apps will be the best choice in this case. They will show you not only the distance but also tempo and time. So, when it comes to solutions for healthcare, patients can really be on a roll.

But how do all these apps for patients look like? If you have not checked it by yourself yet, we are glad to show you some of them. Have you heard about the app called AmWell? If you’ve ever dealt with m-Health, you definitely know about this powerful application.

If, however, meeting a doctor while staying at home seems unreal for you, it’s a perfect time to download it. This mobile application provides you with the chance to meet doctors specializing in different fields. It will cost you $69 if you have no insurance and nearly $35 if you do. Just take your phone, open the AmWell app, and prepare for a virtual care visit with a doctor of your choice.

One more example of an effective mobile healthcare app for you! MINDBODY: Fitness, Salon & Spa is the application that needs no explanation – the very name speaks for itself. The app allows users to schedule various wellness services, choose their favorite ones, and turn a healthy lifestyle into their daily habit. It seems that technologies give rise to the new epoch of healthcare, isn’t it?

Wrap up

With the advancement of technologies, people started to live differently. Our mobile phones really expand our opportunities! They allow us to communicate effectively, improve our health, and manage private information. Considering the diversity of features implemented in mobile apps, you can use your phone to improve your health and help others do the same!