Save Money On Your Energy Bill With Octopus Energy Discount Codes

By  //  November 26, 2020

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Dreading opening up your energy bill this month? As temperatures drop it can be difficult to maintain a budget when you are unsure of just how much you’ll be paying in utilities.

It can be difficult to save money when your gas and electric bill is steadily increasing. If you’re looking for ways to save on your annual energy bill then you might want to consider using Octopus Energy discount code.

Why Is Your Energy Bill So High?

First, it’s important to find out why your energy bill is so high.  One of the main reasons why your energy bill is so high is because your appliances are dry.

If you tend to leave your appliances plugged in then you are not using them to significantly increase power usage. Don’t forget to hit the post button when you aren’t using them.

Old appliances like your washing machine, dryer or refrigerator  when used  past their  prime can be the culprit behind your costly energy bill.

Compared to newer models these older appliances are less energy efficient which means they can be sucking  you dry.  Appliances that were made in the 1990s don’t have an Energy Star rating.

If you’re constantly having to crank the heat up high this can be a major sign that your home isn’t insulated properly. If your home isn’t insulated properly you’ll find yourself wasting a lot of money.

In an effort to heat up your home you might even find yourself using electric heaters which can also run up your gas and electric bill. Your best bet is to invest in replacing old windows as well as make sure that the basement and attic spaces are insulated.

Save Money with Octopus Energy Discount Code

Octopus Energy is a Uk based energy that launched in 2016. Unlike most of the traditional gas and electric energy providers this company uses 100% renewable sources  which makes for a much energy efficient home.

As the UK’s largest solar generation company, Octopus Energy offers some of the most affordable energy plans for residents. Individuals who are interested in making the switch to a less expensive energy company then you should consider Octopus Energy.

Octopus Energy is currently offering generous discount codes to new customers who make the switch. Customers are being offered $50 off they’re energy bill for the month which can be a tremendous help.

The $50 is credited to the individual’s account and the fifty dollars will be subtracted right from the bill’s total amount.  This promotional offer is only available to new customers who sign up under a referral link.

If you’re already using Octopus Energy to heat your home you can save money money on your monthly bill by having new customers sign up under your referral link.

With every new sign up you can earn up to $50 as well which is credited to your account. Just think if you’re able to convince three of your friends to make the switch to a more affordable energy provider you save up to $150 on your gas and electric bill.

Octopus Energy makes saving money on your energy bill easy. What are you waiting for?