Shalom Lamm: Tips on Entrepreneurship

By  //  November 4, 2020

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As an entrepreneur, Shalom Lamm has shared on his blog that a positive attitude takes people the right way.  Entrepreneurs usually have a very solid background in regard to how they perceive certain situations.

When a person  has a more joyful, effective, and pragmatic look on life,  there is much more willingness to work with that individual.

For example, Lamm has done a great deal of service for many of his communities.

In the Jewish communities it is part of New York, he demonstrates kindness by helping immigrants with issues. He additionally helps by co-founding a volunteer organization in New York that works with EMT to deliver people emergency services as soon as possible.

The work he has constructed has been an immense part of his ethereal background. He understands the importance of maintaining a positive outlook especially, in times of crisis.

Lamm has had a long history of starting new incentives. In the 1990s he and his wife donated canned goods and non-perishables to Jewish communities in the Ukraine during the time of crisis. This was a drive they decided to set  up because they knew there were people in turmoil and they  needed help.

This type of act is not only an act of goodwill but also of a true entrepreneur. Many people who become wealthy do not  share their affluence with others. However, Lamm is always giving back to his communities in any way he can because he knows if the roles were reversed  they would do the same.

In regards to how to act as an entrepreneur, there are many trade secrets Lamm has learned from being the CEO of Operation Benjamin. This organization has led the world in many ways. They bring back Jewish soldiers from World War II that were buried under false pretenses.

The proper burial of a Jewish individual is extremely important to their family and their religion. That is why Lamm and his team tirelessly work to develop innovative ways to bring these soldiers and place them properly under the star of David. It’s obvious that Lamm is successful in his entrepreneurial pursuits.

He managed to develop hundreds of homes for people as well during his real estate career. Although he has been through some hardships in that industry, it never held him back from learning. He educated himself on his mistakes constantly which is what entrepreneurs should do if they want to be successful.

“Being successful doesn’t always mean being successful on paper”, Lamm states. He digresses that although some consider financial stability a success, others consider it a failure. Success if what is on the inside. If a person adds acts of kindness to their daily routine, they will intern be more successful than those with the most impressive resume in the world.

Giving back is something Lamm urges people to do. Writing down that there was participation in kind acts doesn’t always make it worth someone’s while. The truest acts are those that usually go unnoticed, according to what Lamm stated on Ambit Success.

As Thanksgiving approaches, remember that being an entrepreneur matters most to those who need help. Figuring out ways to help communities outside of work is extremely important and services a much greater purpose in the long run.

Shalom Lamm knows that there is an unparalleled time. With people being very opposed to giving back because of the pandemic, he wants readers to focus on what can be done in their own personal lives to make their quality of work more meaningful.

This can include mediation, self reflection, or talking to peers about how to be a better team member. Giving back can start at a very small rate and increase over time.

Overall the most important aspect of having an entrepreneurial attitude is that innovation comes in all shapes and sizes. No matter who the person is, Lamm says there is always a way to help by being crafty and seizing opportunities to assist others.