Smart Wearables – 8 Industries Leading the Way Forward

By  //  November 19, 2020

Wearable technology from Google’s Glasses to Apple’s iWatch – it’s taken the world by storm. In 2014 alone, wearable technology in the form of smartwatches and fitness equipment has sold over 10 million worldwide.

Whether you call it wearable technology or smart wearables, it’s beneficial to humanity in many ways. Among others, it provides the perspective of independent processing power. Smart wearables are less dependent on apps and smartphones.

Wearable tech is used in many different forms and various shapes on different possible body parts. It’s the game-changer, and together with the Consumer Internet of Things (CIoT), it’s changing and revolutionizing the world.

Here are seven of the world’s major issues and how wearable technology has helped advance, refine, or change the world we live in.


Business leaders believe that by 2022, Database Administrator jobs will grow by 15%, and developer jobs will grow to 22%.

As the Internet of Things expands across all sectors of the world’s economies (yes, including fashion), wearable technology won’t only increase available jobs, but will also create a whole new set of jobs such as IoT (Internet of Things) engineers, technology implementation managers, and IoT-specific managers.

Wearable technology will definitely pave the way for more job development and growth in the IT sector, and before you know it, professionals and HR will be on the search for the brightest IoT specialists.


Cancer is one of the fastest and highest leading causes of death globally. Google & Calico have been working on a prototype that allows a patient to take a pill that will color or paint the cancer cells within the body.

This wearable technology that the patient wears can detect these cancer cells and destroys them using nanoparticles phoresies, which are energy frequencies directed into the wearer’s wrist.

Some cancer advocacy groups have already added tech mechanisms in their outreach programs. Cancer Support VVSB, for instance, has already rolled out virtual services in their community, so no one faces cancer alone.


Urban congestion is a major problem in developed cities, so much that it has become a norm to expect traffic congestion daily. BMW worked on a project dubbed the Remote Valet Parking Assistant, a technology that allows dropping you off, parking itself, and picking you up later with just a few taps on your smartwatch.

The driving force:

AI programmers with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science are the talents HR professionals are looking for. These programmers also need a strong background in current AI architecture and algorithms to be more in demand.


There’s always a risk in search and rescue efforts, particularly in the fire department. ProFiTex is working on infrared sensors attached to a fireman’s helmet that will allow these men to see ahead into a room, assess its damage or condition, and check for any survivors. This information is relayed in real-time to a command center.


Every business operator wants to understand their clientele’s spending habits because it will help them work on sales. Poor sales are bad for any business.

That’s why Salesforce, an American Cloud computing company, has developed communications chips embedded into the customer’s smartwatches that will enable staff from business outlets to read data provided that tells them a customer’s spending habits and purchase history from the store, allowing staff to provide recommendations, which ultimately leads to increased customer retention.


Food security issues are becoming even more complicated than it was before. From individual handling to the food supply, food security has always been an issue throughout time.

Silent Herdsman has wearable tech for cows that will allow farmers to improve livestock efficiency by tracking data such as milk yields and various vital signs, which would enable these farmers to identify any problems immediately and proceed to the required treatment if required.


Apart from low sales, low productivity is also a factor that causes businesses to lose out a lot in profits annually.

Rackspace has invented a technology for HR departments that are welcomed with open arms (not so welcomed by employees). Employees are equipped with wearable technology that allows HR teams to track productivity levels, performance levels, well-being, and engagement of their employees in their company.


The police force is expected to uphold laws, avoid discrimination, deliver services for crime control, and maintain order. Smartphones have been crucial in providing police accountability and improving check and balance, especially proved in recent shooting scenarios in the States.

But then, what we see are things from the smartphone recorders’ view, which can prove to be discriminatory, especially when we don’t know how things were before the shootings took place. Motorola is taking this a step further in providing police officers with wearable technology that allows for more enhanced accountability.

Motorola is currently working on smart headsets for cops to use. Everywhere they go and what they do while on duty will be recorded from the officer’s view to ensure that they and the public are held accountable for their actions.

Final Thoughts

Wearable tech is the future, and it’s more than just watches, headsets, AR, and VR. It won’t only change the world we live in, but it will also offer next-generation IT professionals the incredible opportunity to bring real change and a massive impact on the world we live in today. 

The Internet of Things is bringing out a new and unprecedented change. Children, youth, and future graduates entering the workforce must equip themselves with the relevant courses and experience to develop their careers and look toward getting employment in new job opportunities.

Wearable technology and other types of technology you’ve never heard of will come, and it won’t only enhance the way we live, but also disrupt current business methods. More and more technology will take over or improve job tasks, so the more equipped you are with new-age technology, the better.