Surprising Facts About Scorpions Probably You Didn’t Know

By  //  November 3, 2020

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Bark scorpions are considered one of the most venomous scorpions in North America. Their sting can cause numbness, severe pain, tingling, and vomiting tendencies that last for 48-72 hours.

They’re fierce and ruthless hunters. They can remain stationary for prolonged hours and wait for the victim to come close.  Their mouth contains strong juices that they spit on to soften/melt the victim’s body.

A sting of such deadly species can be lethal for children and seniors. In some rare cases, it can kill you. The bark scorpions are the most deadly among the scorpion species in the U.S that seriously impact human health. It’s only a sting and you get an unpleasant tingling sensation that turns minute to long hours.

Reports of the health centers in Arizona have declared that it has the highest number of scorpion stings recorded between June and August. It’s true as Arizona is the home to the deadliest bark scorpions.

If you are deathly afraid of them, then check out these surprising facts about bark scorpions. Be careful in case you have encountered them in your residential area.

A Male Bark Scorpion Is 8 Cm Long:

If you think that you can fool them as they measure in centimeters, you’re wrong. They are minute in size but extremely dangerous. Their venom has neurotoxin that can critically affect your health. A female bark scorpion is 7 cm long and far more venomous than male species.

They Have More Clear Vision In The Night:

These crawlers are night-loving. They have an impressive set of eyes allowing a clear night vision. They’re capable of crawling easily with good vision and can enter your home without making you aware.

Are Baby Bark Scorpions more Dangerous?

The question haunts in the mind whether baby bark scorpions are more dangerous than the adult one? The answer is NO! The venom they release is less dangerous than the adult one.

It Can Live Up to Six Years:

The lifespan of a bark scorpion is 6 years. If you find them inside your home or in the backyard, you’ll not get rid of them easily.

1/16th Of An Inch Is Enough:

It’s very surprising and at times dangerous because they need only 1/16th of an inch space to enter your home. It can penetrate into micro holes.

It Can Give Birth To Over 30 Offspring:

The female bark scorpions can give birth to 30-35 offspring at one time. Save the pest control number and place it in the speed dial list, if your home is the birthplace. Seal up your house or get rid of any walls with moisture.

It Can Climb Any Surface:

Touch roads or steep walls, they can climb and crawl on any surface. Some of the hiding spots where you can spot them are your shoe racks, bath towels, laundry piles or near the sink pipe area. They inhabit near a water source.

Everyone deserves safety. If you spot their growth invading your residential space, get in touch with a pest control service provider to get rid of them.