The Benefits to Alternative Methods of Ingesting Cannabis

By  //  November 6, 2020

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When you think of cannabis or weed, the first image that comes to mind is likely someone puffing on a joint. This idea has become the primary staple of the marijuana community, but the community is a pretty bottom-heavy iceberg.

Smoking weed can be harmless, but sometimes people mix cannabis with tobacco, use cigar skins or roll with non-hemp rolling paper. None of these are things that you want in your body.

There are many more ways to ingest your cannabis, some of which offer less risk and potentially more enjoyment.

Thankfully the team at Smoke Cartel are here to help those of you who couldn’t tell rolling a joint from making a sandwich, they’ll be talking you through a few different methods of ingestion.

Pipes and Bongs

Bongs are often seen as a novelty, but they offer a much cleaner way of consuming your cannabis. They can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We stock a huge range at Smoke Cartel and they don’t have to be expensive either we actually have a line of cheap bongs which you can view here, they’re all below $99.00.

The typical bong features: an open-ended tube leading to a base of water, and a small bowl on the side for the cannabis. The first part of the process is grinding the cannabis down and packing it into the bowl.

Next, the user will light the cannabis, place their mouth over the tube and allow the smoke to gather. When enough has collected, they will remove the bowl and inhale the smoke.

Pipes work similarly, but are much more portable. A standard pipe is similar to a tobacco pipe, except you can actually inhale the cannabis.

With pipes and bongs there is less room for errors which might put the user at risk. Oftentimes people roll blunts with cigar skins, or joints with tobacco; this deals a serious blow to activists spreading the word that cannabis doesn’t cause cancer. Pipes and bongs avoid this entirely. They also offer a much quicker use, essentially doing the job in just one or two hits.


Dabbing – in relation to cannabis – involves the burning of a cannabis concentrate, often referred to as wax or shatter. The potency of these concentrates can reach THC levels of over 90 percent, so inexperienced smokers should proceed with caution.

Dabbing is reportedly much more pleasant on the lungs, seeing as there’s no actual flower; shatter bears a resemblance to hardened honey. It consists solely of the plant’s cannabinoids, whereas with flower you’ll also be inhaling burnt resin.

In order to dab, you need a rig. This is exactly the same as a bong, except it contains a nail in place of a bowl. To use the rig, you would heat up the nail with a torch until it’s hot enough to melt the concentrate, and then inhale the smoke that’s released. For safety reasons, a dabber is used to put the concentrate in and mix it around; the nail can get extremely hot.

Take precautions if ever faced with the opportunity to dab, as it produces a much more powerful effect than regular flower. However, it has been said to offer instant pain relief, and the effects of the high – for those whose tolerance can handle it – are intense.


For good reason, edibles are possibly the most exciting method of ingesting cannabis. They work by heating ground cannabis in the oven until the THC is activated; this process is called decarboxylation.

After, the chef will typically add the cannabis to melted butter in a saucepan, and allow it to simmer for a 2-3 hours. This mixture will be put to rest in the fridge until it solidifies into what is now called cannabutter.
Add this to your next meal – whatever that may be – and enjoy the most intense aftertaste of your life.

The benefits to edibles are obvious; there is no smoking involved, so any possible risk to the user’s lungs is completely negated. The leaves of cannabis – which can also be included, though they won’t increase the effects – are actually very nutritious. And finally, you get to enjoy what is hopefully a delicious meal. The brownies are a strong favourite.

There are many avenues to the ever-coveted high that cannabis offers, and some of the alternatives listed – although they may take more effort than a simple roll and smoke – are well worth the detour. Whether you’re looking for a healthier high or a stronger one, there’s an option for every cannabis user.

Remember to explore these options responsibly, do your research first, and enjoy.

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