The Process of Negotiating with Insurers in a Wrongful Death Case

By  //  November 16, 2020

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Death is not an easy thing for you to go through. However, when death comes to a loved one due to another person or company’s negligence, it is twice as hard to work through all the anger and pent-up emotions, because by most accounts, this accidental death probably could have been prevented had someone been paying attention. 

Preventable accidents by someone causing another person’s serious injury or death must be held accountable. Holding someone accountable never stops the hurt or fills the bottomless void in life.

Additionally, the deceased family must face staggering medical bills, property loss, funeral expenses, and more. The majority of wrongful deaths occur on our busy highways. Wrongful deaths can also happen anywhere and at any time when someone is not paying attention.

Recouping Severe Financial Loss Due to Wrongful Death

There needs to be a way for your family to recoup these unexpected expenses due to wrongful death. While a lawsuit for settlement cannot bring the loved one back, it can help see justice done. A negligent person causing another person’s death should always be responsible for these unexpected and staggering expenses.

To get a fair settlement for wrongful death, the family needs an experienced attorney who handles criminal death cases. However, not all wrongful death cases are considered criminal cases.

Let our skilled attorneys listen to your lawsuit. There is a stringent judicial process by which your attorney follows to get you the best compensation to pay for all of the unexpected expenses.

The Process of Proving Wrongful Death

Once you seek our attorneys’ help, we file a personal injury or death claim to start a process for you to receive the negligent party’s compensation. We investigate the accident, speak to witnesses, and investigate the accident scene’s police report and photos.

We advise you not to speak with any insurance companies involved with your case. When an insurance company calls you refer them you to your attorney.

Never start answering questions insurance companies ask, never say you are sorry, and never admit fault for the accident. When you start telling insurance companies you are sorry, you accept an element of responsibility for the accident you did not cause.

Insurance companies do not like to pay any more money to you than necessary. Most insurance companies try to offer settlements. However, their first offer may sound good, but it is never enough to recoup all expenses.

Insurance companies are crafty at using forceful tactics to get you to settle for less money than what you deserve, and you cannot file another claim against the insurance company or negligent person once they pay you. First offers are never enough money to pay for all financial losses.

Your attorney must do a thorough calculation of all expenses past, present, and future to arrive at a fair and just settlement. Your attorney will deal with all insurance companies and negotiate reasonable and appropriate compensation. Insurance companies never want you to know the full value of your claim.

If you do happen to get caught up in a conversation with an insurance agent, give them only the facts. Never exaggerate or share your point of view on what you think happened. Insurance companies, even your company, is not a friend of yours. Their goal is to save money by not paying you any more money than possible.

In accident injury and wrongful death cases, we help you understand the level of damages suffered. Understanding this enables you to determine how much your settlement claim is worth.

It is a tedious process calculating, past, present, and future expenses for some or all of the following to arrive at a settlement’s worth, but this process is vital to the outcome of a successful case. Your attorney looks at,

Lost wages

Loss of income due to disability

Travel expenses to doctors

Property damage


Medical devices

In-home nursing care

Pain and suffering

Dealing with insurance companies is our expertise. Refer all calls by any insurance company to us. We will negotiate and talk to them on your behalf.

The Negligent Must Pay Compensation, Give Us A Call Today

Your attorney is the professional who has your best interest at heart and works to get you the fair settlement you deserve. Our attorneys fight for your rights as victims in a wrongful death case due to someone’s gross negligence.

Many laws in the state of Texas apply to wrongful death cases. We cannot help you until you give us a call and come for a free no-obligation consultation. We can also come to you. Never fight a wrongful death case on your own. You will never win.

Give us a call as soon as possible after the wrongful death accident at 972-534-2694.

Access our website for more information. Texas’s state allows you two years from the date of the accident to file a settlement claim. However, it is to your advantage to file a claim as soon as possible after your accident.