Tips For Making Your Own Iced Coffee At Home

By  //  November 27, 2020

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Who doesn’t love an ice-cold drink when things get hot in Florida? A hot cup of coffee is never a bad thing, but some people think an iced latte is so much better and refreshing!

Of course, there are those hot days when you don’t feel like leaving your house but still want an iced coffee from your local coffee shop, which is why you can go the easy DIY approach at home!

Don’t spend all your hard-earned money for an overpriced and average cup of iced coffee from a chain coffee shop, just make it yourself at home. It will taste better and you only have to move from the couch to the kitchen!

To make an iced coffee at home, brew up a pot of coffee using beans from one of many fantastic coffee companies from Florida, then let it cool to room temperature or even put the jug into the fridge if you want a drink faster. A good tip is to make your coffee stronger than usual, as the taste is often diluted when making iced coffee.

Make sure you’ve got either iced cubes or crushed ice in the freezer, then put some into a glass. Next, pour in the coffee when it has cooled down and then add milk, cream, or sugar to your liking.

Our great tip is to make it a vanilla iced coffee by adding two tablespoons of vanilla syrup. Cinnamon or nutmeg sprinkled on top is also a fun way to literally spice up your coffee. You can customize the iced coffee as you see fit, but those are the basics of making a great refreshing cup.

Of course, it’s worth keeping in mind that in all the Florida heat, you might get slightly lethargic and accidentally knock over your freshly made iced coffee from the couch and onto the carpet. Apart from making another iced coffee straight away, you can remove coffee stains if you follow these pieces of advice from expert cleaners.

By the way, have you ever roasted coffee in a popcorn maker, tried a coffee popsicle, had coffee iced cubes or reused your coffee grounds? There are some truly excellent coffee hacks that we found on this list, so make sure you’re not just drinking delicious iced coffee but also thinking about coffee in new and interesting ways!