Top 5 Disappointing Truths About Modern Dating

By  //  November 11, 2020

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There can be no doubt that the advent of Internet dating has opened up a whole new dimension of possibilities for romance and relationships. Singles can now check out the profiles of potential partners to determine who would be the most compatible individuals or look for other site users living nearby, and all from the comfort of home.

A dating platform is certainly the solution to a lot of issues that were previously experienced by singles such as shyness or lack of access to suitable partners. But like anything else in life, there will always be a flipside.

Here are five disappointing truths:

There’s often too much choice

While the sheer popularity of online dating has meant singles now have access to a diverse range of talent, with the ability to choose sites depending on the nuanced services they offer whether it’s a gay online dating site or website that specialize on senior relationships, too much choice can sometimes be overwhelming.

Anyone new to Internet dating is liable to feel a little like a kid who has been inadvertently locked inside a candy store! With so many eligible singles waiting to be contacted at your fingertips, there can be a temptation to think with your heart and not your head – jumping into every opportunity without taking the time to ‘shop around.’

Anti-social activities

An unfortunate aspect of online dating is the fact that not every site is stringent with their verification process, meaning new members are not always thoroughly vetted. This can give rise to fake profiles, resulting in singles communicating with usernames and image profiles of people who don’t exist.

There may be several reasons why an individual might behave in this way. Perhaps they have been unlucky in love and are taking out their frustrations. In more extreme instances, they could be attempting to worm their way into someone’s affections only to extract details such as bank passwords.

Not everyone is committed

Because you have no way of knowing what has drawn someone to the same dating site as you, there can sometimes be disappointing conclusions to interaction. It is possible to establish a rapport with another single who gives the impression they are just as interested, only for them to cease contact.

There’s even an Internet expression for this type of activity – ghosting. While disappointing, the key would be not to let this spoil your experience. Joining a dating site often means having to develop a thick skin. There will always be other possibilities.

Obscuring the truth

Site users are not always 100% transparent. The trouble with a lot of individuals is that vanity can cloud the issue, leading to personal profiles being embellished, or photographs doctored by software (or even taken from stock sources).

This is where you can sometimes take advantage of the fact that most of the users you will interact with will also have a social media profile. Once you’ve established someone’s identity and location, it should be relatively easy to track down their Facebook/Instagram. This is an excellent way of gaining a fuller picture.

Virtual v. reality

There’s only so much of a rapport that can be developed when you are exchanging messages in the online environment. Successful relationships always require face-to-face contact to commence as quickly as possible.

It’s all very well taking advantage of the convenience of dating sites to meet new people and foster relationships, but a stronger bond relies on these offline liaisons.

There can sometimes be an issue continuing what was a fantastic online relationship once you meet in the real world and discover flaws. Aspects of someone’s personality that might have been masked on the website could come to the fore.