What Changes Can We Expect in The Online Gaming Industry in 2021

By  //  November 4, 2020

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With the ever-growing innovation and technology today, every year comes with new opportunities and makes things easier and faster. One industry that has experienced tremendous growth is online gaming. There has been an increase in traffic, and new trends are emerging every year.

Although we cannot predict this industry’s exact future, we can take a hint from what has transpired in the industry in 2020 to determine what is likely to happen in 2021. Here are some of the changes you can expect to see in the coming year.

An Increased Growth in Mobile Gaming

Another trend you can expect in 2021 is the exponential growth of mobile gaming. The development will help increase the customer base as more people own smartphones. They can therefore enjoy playing on their smart devices from anywhere with ease.

The more gamers wish to play games online on their mobile devices; the more developers will develop games and content that fit this gameplay style. In 2021, players are likely to get access to all their favorite games from their mobile devices.

They will also the ease of making payment from their devices. With the smartphone screens getting bigger each year, playing your favorite video game on your mobile devices will feel the same as it does on the desktop.

The increased growth for mobile gaming will influence the kind of games made and how players can engage in mobile devices.

The Growing Community of Online Slots Gamers

In the past, online slots were considered a solitary pastime. A player would sit in front of the screen, spin the reels alone, and walk away with all his winnings. However, that has since changed as now there are multi-player slots.

With community online slot gamers, multiple players take part in the fun together at the same time. With this arrangement, the bonus round becomes a team thing, and they can win the jackpots collectively.

In 2021, you should expect this to become common where players can invite their friends to play slot games together. They will be able to chat with each other while they spin the reels.

In countries like Australia and New Zealand, where online pokies (the NZ name for slots) have become as popular as any other popular online video game. The trend of multiple players playing on the same slot machine is most likely to take over sooner and on a much bigger scale than anywhere else.

An Exponential Rise in eSports

eSports are slowly making a name in the online gaming industry. They are expected to become more popular with those who consider online gaming a professional career. eSports have managed to become a sensation due to the presence of the market and its players.

Prominent performers have already gathered massive followings on social media, and it is expected that they will continue making it big in the industry come 2021. eSports players get a lot of money, with most of them saying that their success stories come from gaming prowess and working hard. That is how they have managed to rise through the ranks.

We can expect more than competitive play in 2021. Players will find it easy to stream the games, provide commentary, play for fun, and offer tutorials. eSports are expected to dominate the online gaming industry, and as more people play them, the industry is likely to make more games for streaming purposes.


Gaming-as-a-Service or cloud gaming is expected to revolutionize the online gaming industry. It is going to help players jump through the loops and barriers created by expensive gaming hardware set.

With cloud gaming, players outsource their computational needs to remote hardware. They only need a high-speed internet connection to enjoy playing. There are various providers of such services, including Shadow, which allows players to enjoy full gaming experiences with only a 15 Mbps internet connection.

In 2021, it is expected that many more providers will emerge to help players enjoy cloud gaming. This will eliminate the need for expensive gaming hardware that limits players who wish to do online gaming as a career or just for fun.


The future of online gaming looks brighter than ever before. Gamers are in for a great treat in 2021. Grab your gadgets and get ready for the ride of your lifetime.