Advantages of Pop-Under Ads for Any Company

By  //  December 23, 2020

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Pop-ups are a fixture of the internet, but the problem is that people consider them pesky. These ads block the content, so users have to search for the cross sign to close them. The result is a shocking 73% disapproval rating. It is high time companies adopted more efficient ways to spend their advertising budgets — such as pop-under ads.

With pop-unders, businesses overcome the issue of ad blindness — conscious or unconscious ignoring of their ads. This phenomenon is hardly surprising, given that a person is exposed to 1,707 banner ads monthly on average, according to Comscore. It is projected that in 2021, almost a third of US-based users will be using some kind of ad-blocking technology.

Lasting Benefits

Pop-unders do not block the content, and they are noticed straight away. Their CTRs (click-through rates) can be as high as 7%. It is thus clear why pop under ads network like is so increasingly popular — they help companies promote products in an effective yet unobtrusive way.

This advertising format encompasses different graphic tools. All of them appear under the user’s active window on a desktop or mobile device. Therefore, people can view valuable content and pay attention to ads at the same time. There is no sense of manipulation. And there are even more benefits!

Better Targeted

These ads may be programmed to be displayed once a day and only for particular categories of users. This helps businesses achieve their goals more efficiently.

More Cost-effective

Pop-unders help businesses to save money. They can be sure their ads are only shown to their target audience. The cost-per-click is relatively modest.

Highly Customizable

Importantly, these ads always occupy an entirely new window in a browser. This gives the advertiser a full screen of space to play with. Pop-unders may include slogans, eye-catching images, and call-to-action buttons. The level of customization is high for desktop and mobile devices alike. Any elements from the menu to the scroll may be adjusted to any size.

Lasting Impression

Pop-under ads have been shown to have a lasting impression on users. This is true for mobile and desktop exposure. Thanks to higher CTR, website visitors are more inclined to engage with pop-unders than pop-ups. They spend more time looking at them in general.

Flexible Pricing

As a rule, pop-unders deliver impressive CPM rates. Big ad networks may offer different models — e.g., a choice between CPM (cost per thousand impressions) and CTC (cost per click).

Pop-Unders in 2021

Pop-under ads have multiple advantages over banners and pop-ups: they are better targeted and more cost-effective; they help companies overcome banner blindness. Of course, like other formats, they should also be used sparingly and wisely. Well-designed ads attract users’ attention and provide high engagement.