Fellowship at Pineda Reverend Amy Kindred Trades Pulpit for Podcast ‘Light the Chalice’

By  //  December 22, 2020

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Messages of hope reach faithful around the world during pandemic

Reverend Amy Kindred produces ‘Light the Chalice’ each week, an uplifting 20-minute podcast that draws listeners from around the world. (Cliff Saylor image)

BREVARD COUNTY • SUNTREE, FLORIDA – Sunday mornings used to find Reverend Amy Kindred in front of her membership at Friendship Fellowship at Pineda, a Unitarian Universalist congregation in Rockledge, Florida.

Then came COVID-19. Like many ministers worldwide, she struggled with how to remain connected to her flock as the pandemic escalated.

Social distancing in the small fellowship was not an option and when in-person services ceased in March, live-streaming to empty chairs didn’t feel quite right.

Searching for the right media fit, the minister experimented with a short podcast, and Light the Chalice was born.

Each 20-minute podcast contains musical segments and a non-denominational message on far-ranging topics from “Reverend Amy.”

Informed by the broad worldview of Unitarian Universalists, the podcasts seek to promote ethical values, the inclusion of world religious understandings, humanist teachings, and all matters of social justice including environmentalism.

To listen to Light the Chalice, visit uuSpaceCoast.org or subscribe through Spotify, Buzzsprout, Stitcher, Apple or Google Podcasts. Additionally, the podcast can be heard on iHeartRadio. For more information, call 321-242-1117.

Reverend Kindred wasn’t sure about hosting a podcast at first, although she had past broadcasting experience voicing a PBS science program for children. Her local flock wasn’t sure either, but they have since embraced the weekly audio series.

“Our congregation loves discussing the latest podcast in our Zoom coffee hour calls,” said Reverend Kindred.

“New episodes are available on Saturdays and it’s really a pocket sermon that people can listen to whenever it’s convenient for them –while they’re jogging, driving to work, walking the dog or just relaxing on their patio.”

Listen to an episode of ‘Light the Chalice’ at https://www.buzzsprout.com/943246

Enjoyment of the podcast is not limited to Kindred’s own congregation. Her weekly message is now downloaded by listeners across the U.S. and the globe. For many, the sermon provides comfort and hope in a world overshadowed by Covid-19.

“Each episode speaks to different hearts,” said Reverend Kindred. “We continue to see downloads from Ireland, England, Hong Kong, Mexico, Russia, Australia and even China. In a very real way, our congregation has grown exponentially.”

For more information about Friendship Fellowship at Pineda, a Unitarian Universalist congregation, or to listen to Light the Chalice, visit uuffpSpaceCoast.org

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