Get Viral Using TikTok

By  //  December 8, 2020

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TikTok has suddenly taken the world by storm. Everyone is talking about this amazing app. Millions of people and businesses are taking advantage of TikTok popularity to market their services and brands. There is also another side to the TikTok story.

Entertainment.  Whether you manage a business and are looking to advertise your services and brands on TikTok or an individual just posting videos for fun, the aim is to get your video viral and achieve its intended purpose.

There are many ways to get viral using TikTok, and if you are looking for a faster way to do this, you could buy TikTok likes from marketing agencies specialized in TikTok. We will discuss a couple of other helpful tips for you to get viral using TikTok.

So Where Do You Start?

If you would like to open an account, the first thing is to download the TikTok app on your iOS and Android mobile phone. You are able to sign up by clicking the profile icon at the bottom corner of your screen on the right side.

Load in your personal details. Once you put in your email address, name, birthday and phone number, you just need to verify your account and confirm that you are not a robot. Once verified, you are good to go.

Now that you have opened your account, you just need to take a few steps to get viral. But, wait a minute. While it may look simple, getting likes and shares on your TikTok account is not that easy. specializing in TikTok to get viral if you do not have the time to go through the following guidelines. If you’d like to grow your channel, you can buy TikTok likes from TokCaptain.

Focus on what you are Good At

This is a good starting point. Let us be honest here. Everyone is somehow good at something, but (with over 800million TikTok active users as at June 2020), there are thousands of people out there who are also good at the same thing.

In order to get more viral, choose that thing you are extra good at, something specific and unique. Create a video that is extraordinary. Show the world your unique skill. Be consistent in terms of what you post, for example, if it’s a comedy, make sure your comedy skits are really good enough to attract ‘likes’ the moment they are posted and shared.

Post Consistently. Do not Stop!

Yes, that is correct. Going viral on TikTok requires you to be committed and consistent. Create a schedule or timetable that you can stick to, and make sure the content is also relevant and reaching its target audience. If you are going to be posting every day, it has to be at the same time, say at 1 p.m.

Again, it must be emphasized here that the content must be extraordinary and the videos must be captivating and of high quality. Keep everything professional and original. This is the smartest way of increasing your chances of getting viral using Tiktok.

High-Quality Videos a Must

Your followers and target audience are not interested in watching poor quality videos. The social media space is so competitive, that if you are not aggressive, it is easy to fail and not achieve your desired results. Invest in a nice phone or camera equipment to help you create quality videos.

Remember, it is just not about the camera, but the content that you put in the video. You only have 30seconds to impress your target audience, thus it is critical that you summarise your message and video within half a minute.

Stand Out 

As mentioned above, TikTok video duration is very limited, so make sure you are able to express yourself within that short space of time. Capture your audience’s attention the moment they click on your video.

Also take time to watch other people’s videos, like and comment on them. When you comment, make reference to your video, by including a link. This should be done in a clever way of course.

In Conclusion 

The trick is to do what works for you. Embrace what you are good at and own it. It is a great idea to also watch what is trending, know what people enjoy and figure out how you can improve your skills.

Keeping up with the latest trends is the most important thing if you want you to get viral using TikTok. Again, you can try to buy TikTok likes from marketing agencies specializing in TikTok to increase your online presence.