Healthiest Fast-Food Meals

By  //  December 15, 2020

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Fast-food spots are not usually taken seriously in terms of food healthiness. We go there to grab a burger or a snack to eat on the go, and of course, there can be nothing good about such food!

However, with the growing concern about what we consume, the fast-food restaurants revised their menus, and today it is quite easy to order healthier but still nutritious meals there.

 Healthy Fast-Food. What to Look For On the Menu

Today everyone probably knows that the healthier your food the better your health and living. Naturally, people try to stick to organic and additive-free foodstuffs both at home and when eating out.

And fortunately, fewer and fewer of us still reheat some McDonald’s goodies (for instance, McNuggets) for dinner!

So if you decide to have lunch in the nearest fast-food spot, we would advise checking the list of the most beneficial foodstuffs to order.

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Arby’s farmhouse salad

Arby’s brand is known for serving lots of meaty dishes, however, they recently included more green veggie-based meals into their menu. One of them is a farmhouse salad with leafy lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, and…well, yes, bacon and turkey!

Au Bon Pain salad

One serving of this light but very nutritious dish will surely make you feel full for the rest of the day! Greens, peppers, olives, feta, beans, and lots of other veggies create a healthy and literally bright mix that even a true meat lover will enjoy!

Rotisserie chicken bowl

This dish is served at Boston Market and it’s a portion of steamed veggies with mashed potatoes and corn. Nutritious, delicious, and can be served with double veggies instead of potatoes.

Chick-Fil-A grilled chicken wrap

A healthier version of a sandwich, this roll is stuffed with grilled chicken mixed with greenery, and cheese. This roll is 350 calories of all-healthy food in one bite.

Dunkin’ Donuts wrap

With way less sodium and fat compared to the previous version, this new alternative is a combo of ham, egg, and cheese. A perfect start for a new day with only 190 calories.

Jack in the Box chicken salad

Despite the name, this dish provides you with a load of greenery: the poultry is accompanied with lettuce, cheddar, tomatoes, and cucumbers together with balsamic for more taste.

Moe’s Southwest grill

This is not something to eat on the go since this dish needs to be enjoyed slowly. Chicken, beans, cheese, guac, and a dollop of salsa can make you feel full for the whole day.

Broccoli Beef from Panda Express

Asian fast-food spots also stay tuned: Panda Express, for instance, offers its clients a bowl of broccoli florets and beef with some soy sauce. This yummy can be accompanied by more vegs and some brown rice to load yourself with enough energy for the new day.

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Papa John’s Veggie Pizza

Probably the fastest way to soothe the hunger: this small pizza includes veggies, fungi, and olives, and it is only 170 calories!

Potbelly veggie sandwich

If you do need something to chew quickly, this vegetarian sandwich can be helpful. Hummus, feta, and vegs will give you the energy and power you need.

Sous Vide Egg Bites

This dish is served at Starbucks, and it is an ideal quick snack to have with coffee. The dish is very light with a delicate and porous texture due to the whites used.

Egg whites mixed with red pepper give enough energy and nutrients including protein and calcium, and besides, they contain only 170 calories so you don’t have to worry you can eat too much.

Whataburger’s chicken salad

A healthy option for brunch or light dinner: grilled chicken, cheddar, lettuce, and carrots go together with dried cranberries and apples. Quite an interesting mix, and very nutritious, by the way.

Taco Bell crunchy tacos

This snack with beef and veggies can be served in two versions, with a soft or crunchy taco. We would recommend you opt for the crunchy variant since it is lower in sodium and thus healthier.

And don’t be shy to order two since 170 calories are not enough to make a person feel full.

As you can see, even fast-food meals can be healthy, so next time you eat out, take this option into account!