Here Is How Bitcoin Taxed Around the World 

By  //  December 23, 2020

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Bitcoin is gaining popularity worldwide, and therefore the government of many countries of the world is framing their tax regulation over Bitcoin transactions. Initially, Bitcoin is not considered as one of the prime modes of marketing. Over the years, due to the growing popularity of the Bitcoin transaction worldwide, many countries plan to impose a tax on it.  

Many of us even do not know that countries have started imposing taxes on Bitcoin transactions. We all know that Bitcoin is the borderless currency of the world. You can use these currencies without any government interventions in them.

Policies Of Different Countries For Imposing Taxation On Bitcoin  

Many countries of the world have started imposing taxes on Bitcoin. There are different ways they use to impose taxes on Bitcoin. Therefore, let’s explore the policies adopted by various countries to impose taxes on Bitcoin.

1. United States  

Crypto holders of the USA are liable to pay taxes as per the rules prescribed on the digital assets to the extent of the appreciated value over the single financial year. Along with that, the Cryptocurrencies that are obtained by mining is subject to taxation. The taxation policy of Cryptocurrency in the USA is quite cumbersome.

The taxation process of Cryptocurrencies is quite troublesome. Many people in the USA have to adopt accounting programs for generating the record of the price conversions using auditable tax-friendly reports.

2. Germany  

Unlike in the USA, there is no normal taxation process in Germany. As per the rule of 23EsTG, there is a certain limit to the profit where you will not be taxed.

The Crypto traders in Germany can trade in Cryptocurrencies without paying the tax in one condition that their capital gain must not exceed 600 Euros per year.

This is the primer criteria for trading in Bitcoin in Germany in a tax-free manner. The most important fact is you must know your country’s taxation policy while planning to sell Bitcoin in Germany.

3. Switzerland  

The taxation policy for Bitcoin in Switzerland is quite impressive. If you have started trading in Bitcoin through mining, it is considered self-employment in the country, and it is taxed the income gained through professional trading is taxed in this nation.

There are other rules also regarding the taxation policy of Bitcoin in Switzerland. Let’s go through the policies.

If you receive your paycheck in Cryptocurrency, then it is taxable income.

If the investor is qualified to trade solely from his account using the Cryptocurrencies, it is a taxable income and treated as exempt from capital gains.

They practices a cantonment tax structure for Cryptocurrency transactions. It means in different states; the tax rate will change.

4. Australia  

The Australian Taxation office declared that any financial gain if you procure by selling the Bitcoins, will be taxable under CGT’s rule ( Capital gain taxation Policy). The best thing is the uniform taxation policy of the Government regarding the Bitcoin transaction in Australia.

You need to understand one thing here: the Australian government’s taxation policy is relatively straightforward. If you have income from Bitcoin’s selling, you need to pay the tax to the Government. Do not make the task too tricky for yourself.

Why Have The Tax Been Imposed In Bitcoin Transactions? 

The tax has been imposed on Bitcoin because there has been a growing popularity of Bitcoin worldwide. If you want to know more, you can visit this website BitQT to get a better insight into it.

Bitcoin’s taxation’s core reason is that Bitcoin transactions are of relatively high value, and more traders are increasing worldwide for Bitcoin trading.


The name of the four most prominent countries of the world is mentioned here. Slowly many superpowers of the world now realize the importance of the imposition of taxation on Bitcoin transactions. Bitcoin transactions are gaining popularity worldwide, which is why countries have started imposing taxation on Bitcoin.