How Dedicated Hosting Can Increase Website Speed

By  //  December 18, 2020

Do you know how wonderful dedicated hosting can be? Like many successful business owners, you are the one on the budget, and dedicated hosting can be such a significant expense. So, why not you make use of shared hosting plans or try out a VPS? 

Here you will find why dedicating hosting is one of the great options to boost your business’s work and how you can increase your business revenue by investing in dedicating hosting. Without any further ado, we are going to discuss the details about dedicated hosting.

■ What is dedicated hosting? 

To begin with the basics, when you are looking for getting your website hosting, there are plenty of options you can choose from cloud plans to shared services. However, dedicated hosting will ensure that your site is getting one complete dedicated server to host your business site.

You might wonder what that means. It means you will have a complete sole hosting server all for yourself, and you can do whatever you want to do with it. Moreover, you can easily customize the hardware components, run reboots, add your own software, and upgrades anytime you want, and many more.

What’s even better? Your site is entirely in an isolated environment that means no other site can deter your site’s performance, expose your website to a nasty virus, or collect your crucial information on the site. We have tried WPX hosting coupons on digitechnoposta web hosting provider that has offered us a better and safe hosting server. 

■ Why your site performance is crucial? 

Does the performance of your site matter for your business? Yes, it does matter for the success of your business because these days, people want the website to open fast and provide them plenty of information to cater to their needs. People are in the need for constant and fast information related to business, travel, life, careers, work and so much more.

According to statistics, it has been calculated that a delay of 2 second loading time can draw the attention of the people and make them go back to site another site. Moreover, the Google algorithm also keeps the fastest site on the top and make sure that it contains the relevant information according to the search query.

Whether you run an e-commerce website or not, the visitors will still expect your website to load within 2 seconds, and if it took more than that, there are chances that they are like to bounce off from your site. 

■ How does a dedicated server can increase the speed on your site? 

There are two types of shared hosting and dedicated server; when you use the shared hosting server, all the resources get distributed between all the different websites.

However, with a dedicated server, you can do anything with your site because there will not be a single limitation that will stop you from making a successful business site. In this, you will get a dedicated server and offer a limited amount of RAM, which can hold and bandwidth they can quickly produce.

However, all shared hosting servers are for free, which means you get what you grab. Whereas Cloudways VPS hosting server plan also guarantees to allot you some resources and no one touches what you get, there is still a limit to what you can do with those resources.

■ What is the benefit of the increased speed of your website? 

Apart from loading faster and offer a greater user experience, there are few more benefits to your business.

Improved ranking in SEO: it is a fact that loading speed can impact your site’s ranking because the Google algorithm makes it a priority to offer a better experience and relevant information to the users. Moreover, it will also determine the ranking of your site on the top result of research engines.

I personally recommended that you hire the WPX hosting coupon service that will surely increase your site’s ranking and improve the loading speed of your site. Having a slow loading site will degrade the site ranking in the search results.

Moreover, website loading speed directly impacts revenue, conversion rate, and user experience, know-how?

A slow loading site is less likely to get a significant amount of traffic.

Every single second taken in loading the time will reduce the conversion rate by 7%.

A one-more second delay can reduce the page views by 11% and loss of customers’ satisfaction by 16%

People have bounced off from the shopping cart site due to greater loading time.

Offer greater customization options that means you will be able to add more resources to the site, such as video streaming or mp3 music, while not affecting your site’s speed. You can customize your site whenever you want and make sure that your site will be memorable to visitors.

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