How to Pick the Perfect Throw Blanket

By  //  December 23, 2020

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Who doesn’t love curling up on the couch with a warm cup of tea and a classic movie lined up on the TV screen? The only thing missing from this equation is a throw blanket, which completes the picture with its fluffy, all-enveloping comfort. 

You know you need at least one big throw blanket to have within arm’s reach this winter, but what are the characteristics that separate the best blankets from the rest?

You’ll be spending a lot of time in cozy mode when the weather is cold, so you owe it to yourself to get a top-quality blanket! Here is your go-to checklist you can refer to the next time you’re out shopping for your next throw blanket.

The Right Look for Your Space

It only takes one look at a throw blanket to fall in love, and there are certain aesthetic features that mesh better with particular settings and environments.

If your space is minimal and modern, a synthetic fleece throw could be all you need, and no flashy colors or patterns are necessary.

Cotton blankets are fairly versatile and come in a wider variety of visual styles that you can mix and match with your unique setup.

Feeling fancy? A cashmere throw can really boost the luxury level in your living room. You can also tone things down with a home-style vibe by adding a knitted blanket to the mix.

Maybe you aren’t a gifted interior designer and you just need an all-in-one throw blanket that checks all the boxes and looks great in any setting. A faux fur blanket is your best bet, offering warmth, versatility, and a plush, silky feel that’s never outmatched.

Faux fur is great for cold weather but never feels too heavy or stuffy. You get all the softness of real animal fur without all those unwanted ethical or financial question marks. Plus, the best blankets are double-sided with soft material, so you never have to flip things around.

Once you cozy up with a top-tier faux fur blanket, all others will pale in comparison. Grab a few in different colors and you’ve got a marvelous collage of shade and texture in your living space. Just make sure it’s the right size for your couch, chair, or wherever you intend to use it.

Washing and Maintenance

Nobody likes to wait while their favorite throw blanket is in the wash, so the faster and easier it is to clean, the better. Is a blanket really worth keeping if it takes hours to clean and dry out in the open?

The perfect throw blanket is a breeze to wash in a normal machine and toss in the dryer without a worry in the world. Not only will this save you a ton of time and energy, but you also get to indulge in that heavenly feeling of a warm fuzzy blanket fresh out of the dryer.

Treat your blanket with care and it will only become more soft and smooth over time.

Build Your Collection

Is one throw blanket ever enough? No way. You should always be on the lookout for new blankets of various shapes, sizes, and materials so that you have one for every occasion.

You never know when a friend might want a blanket of their own, or if it gets so cold you need to double down! It’s never a bad idea to have some backup blankets at the ready in case one needs to be washed or retired.

Anything goes when it comes to throw blankets, but don’t hesitate to check back in with this list of features to make sure you make the right pick each time.

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