How to Play Video Slots Online

By  //  December 15, 2020

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Online gambling has become a very popular pastime in the last 20 years. One of the most-played types of casino games is video slots. 

There are literally 1000s of online slots to choose from at most casino sites and you can have a great time playing them.

There are so many different types with different themes, payouts, designs and jackpots. But before you start spinning the reels, a little bit of thought is needed.

It really is a lot more than just pressing the spin button, crossing your fingers, and hoping a big win comes along.

New Types of Video Slots

Since their introduction in UK slot sites, and now US online casinos too, slot games have undergone many changes. The days of the original one-armed bandits with just one payline are long gone.

You can still play these retro games, but the modern digital versions are far more complicated. That fact alone is why you need to be careful. Some have 10 or 20 paylines, but many have 100s or even 1000s, and one or two have even been built with over 1,000,000 paylines to win on.

These are called Megaways™ slots and whilst they are a lot of fun, you need to understand how they work if you are to get the most enjoyment out of them.

Joining a Casino

Before you play slots, firstly, you will need to join an online casino and, again, some thought is required here. Don’t just join the first one that you see. It is important to find out information about the site you wish to join.

There are plenty of places that will tell you about how safe sites are and the games (especially slots) and promotions that they offer.

Once you have safely registered with an online casino, you will find whole sections dedicated to online slots. You might want to play slots online as there is an excellent selection of those at most sites.

Your next task is to find out information about these games, and numerous resources like review site can help you here.

Terminology, Features and Bonus Rounds

Learn some terminology before playing slot games. Do you know what a wild symbol is? What about a scatter symbol or cascading reels? Understanding what these terms mean will make playing an online slot a lot easier.

It is inadvisable just to open up a slot game and immediately start playing it without knowing what’s going on. As mentioned previously, some of these games are complicated. Some have over 1,000 ways of winning; others will have second-screen bonus games.

It is a good idea to choose one of the simpler games available at the casino. Perhaps even those one payline retro games mentioned previously. Don’t just pick a slot with a theme that is of interest to you. Game of Thrones maybe your favorite television show, but it is a complicated slot game.

Whatever game that you play, make sure you read some reviews and the paytable information. Knowing the rules is essential, or it’s an uphill battle. Learn how much each symbol pays, how to trigger a bonus game, and the bonus game rules.

Being able to play an online slot game for free can be very useful indeed. This type of play is available at many online casinos both in demo mode and with free spins. Sites that review these games can also offer the chance to play a game for free. Doing this will allow you to learn games without having to use real cash.

Set a Budget

There are many other decisions that you must make when playing online slots. Set yourself a financial budget and ensure that you stick to it. Don’t place bets with money that you cannot afford to lose. Chasing losses isn’t a great idea at all; sometimes, you must recognize that it just isn’t your day.

The decision on how much to stake per spin also includes how many paylines to activate. Some games have a fixed amount of paylines to play, so there’s no choice. Others leave the choice up to the player. In this case, the more you activate, the more cost you will incur, so think of that budget.

You can see, therefore, that there is a lot to consider when playing online slots. Following the guidelines in this article will help you enjoy the game more and hopefully be profitable, too.

Good luck, and above all have fun wherever you play!